Raising the Game in Kentucky’s Rural Internet Field

These days, internet access is almost a necessity in every home across America. With so many household appliances now connected to the internet, life can feel like it grinds to a standstill if your connection goes down.

It seems like everyone needs to be online just to accomplish our daily tasks and for the most part that is very true. In an evermore connected world, we are required to be accessible by computed devices more and more.

During the last two years though, the pandemic has highlighted some key issues with internet access across the state of Kentucky. Whilst Kentuckians were being forced to work and study from home their struggle with nonexistent or unreliable internet connections has shown that some families are now at a huge disadvantage.

So what’s actually the problem in Kentucky?

The main problem is that Kentucky is such a rural area it has the nation’s slowest internet service. Some residents there still have no internet connection at all and there are many areas that still have not been equipped with broadband lines.  

The lack of proper internet is frustrating for Kentucky residents when in this modern day society 90% of adult Americans use the internet, either regularly or irregularly, especially when quite a few residents are located in rural areas. 

Just as important an issue is the lack of quality internet connection for kids, especially during times when many have been forced to study from home due to pandemic restrictions. A 2020 report by Common Sense Media, a California-based nonprofit, found that 36% of K-12 students in Kentucky, or 241,000 kids, were without “adequate internet connection.”

What’s being done about the problem?

State legislators have already pledged to invest $89 million to improve broadband infrastructure and bring better internet connection to some of Kentucky’s most underserved areas. The money comes from the American Rescue Plan to help fund the project.

The state is giving grants to 12 internet providers or local governments across 36 Kentucky counties. The recipients must match the grant, which is all part of a $203 million investment plan focused on expanding the state’s internet service.

The connectivity problem has led state leaders to assess the situation more closely. All Kentucky residents have been asked to take an internet speed test to help map out which regions have the worst connections.

Once mapped out, the information will be used to initiate leveraging public and private partnerships to begin building out network infrastructure. This will allow communities across the state to use strong broadband access as a motivation to attract entrepreneurs to the region.

How Broadlinc will help raise the game in Kentucky

One private partner helping to improve access to the state is internet service provider Broadlinc. There are many ISPs working in the United States, and they all differ in how they get the internet to the end-user.

Broadlinc services are primarily provided through coax/fiber hybrid wired infrastructure though they are building out their full fiber connections. They’ve also been rapidly adding to their network of wireless towers, which help to deliver fast, reliable internet to the most remote parts of the state.

Being a locally based company, Broadlinc is in touch with the requirements of the local people. They understand Kentuckians need to be able to work and study from home, even those living on remote farms and homesteads.

Their close proximity allows them to offer quick response times, service calls and installations. They combine this with fast internet speeds to provide a high-class service.

The services on offer to the rural field

Broadlinc offers several different residential and business service packages, which cover the internet, cable TV, and phone. Their reliable services come through combinations of fiber optic, cable, and wireless, allowing them to reach all corners of the rural state.

Residential packages allow Kentuckians to enjoy the following capabilities in their homes lifting them out of the internet dark ages. They include:

  • Fast internet speed for all your devices
  • The minimum amount of buffering while watching videos
  • No lag while playing games
  • 200 MB/sec bandwidth
  • No data limit

When it comes to small local businesses, Broadlinc understands they form the backbone of rural communities. They provide customized service packages ensuring all their needs are catered for. Service offerings include:

  • High-priority repair service
  • Ability to connect up to 100 landlines
  • Electronic fax service
  • IT service for businesses
  • Bulk discount for dwell units

Broadlinc proudly offers such support to rural businesses so they can compete in all arenas. They form important links and meeting places for the surrounding communities.


As more and more rural residents are required to work and study from home, Broadlinc is raising the game in rural Kentucky. Reliable high-speed internet is being made available to those who need it most. It’s a game changer for many people and businesses.

The infrastructure required to service rural areas with such high-speed internet access implies a great cost. It’s important that government funding continues to flow to support the efforts of companies like Broadlinc into the future.

How will Broadlinc help raise the game in Kentucky?

Broadlinc is a private partner helping to improve access to the state of Kentucky. The company is working on building out its complete fiber connections, as well as rapidly adding to its network of wireless towers. This will help deliver fast, reliable internet to the most remote parts of the state.

What services does Broadlinc offer to the rural field?

Broadlinc offers several different residential and business service packages, which cover internet, phone, and cable TV. Their services come through combinations of fiber optic, cable, and wireless connections, allowing them to reach all corners of the rural state. Residential packages allow Kentuckians to enjoy fast-speed internet, HD streaming, online gaming, and more. Small businesses can also benefit from custom service packages that include priority repairs, traditional phone lines, eFax services, and carrier-grade fiber-optic internet.

How will this help residents of rural Kentucky?

The improved access to high-speed internet will be a game changer for many people and businesses in rural Kentucky. It will allow for increased work and study from home, as well as improved communication and connectivity for businesses in the state.

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