Online Games That Improve Your Intelligence

The mobile phone is a necessity in this modern world. We are so much dependent on it that we can’t imagine leaving our home without a mobile phone. From our networking and socialization to our books and health charts, all come under the umbrella of the term mobile phones

Intelligence is a virtue every human being is born with. However, we all vary in IQ or intelligence level. But there are some ways we can polish our intelligence and can open new channels of our minds through practice and hard work. You can nurture your intelligence in various ways and can surpass the ones who are genetically born intelligent.

What is the Role of Games in Nurturing Your Intelligence?   

You have probably heard the notion of games making children dumb and poor in their school performance. And most of the time parents in the early years of school don’t allow their kids to play games online at all because they support the very conventional idea about the games. 

However, a recent study in psychology is saying something else. According to a recent study by “Lorenza et al, games with strategies can improve brain functions and protect them against brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s and dementia.”

Playing intelligence is a more like problem-solving strategy, that you are put up with a problem and you have to solve it and as you play it more and more, you are training your brain more and more and it is two in one package, Brain Exercise + Fun.

List of Games That Improve Your Intelligence

Whether you are taking a coffee break, or you want to shift your attention from studies to something else, you will always come back to your mobile. Playing a game that also seems fun and relaxing and at the same time you are exercising your brain for more cognitive power, then you must select the right game for this purpose. 

Mention below is the list of some games which are expected and tested to improve your brain intelligence:


Crossword is a game that improves your vocabulary and ultimately trains your intelligence. It helps you build new connections in words and sentences and quick responses. There are a variety of games available both for download and to play online.

World of Craft

World of craft is a game that helps you train and improve your social skills. The environment which the game offers to socialize and interact with other players to achieve the goal. This game helps you in socializing as you know how to connect and respond to other players to beat the opponent.

The Sims 4

Want to improve your creativity? Sims 4 is your answer. The most engaging and fun game where you can showcase the creativity you possess and can improve it by playing it over and over. This game helps you improve Human Behaviour by implying it into games ad later this problem-solving strategy helps you in real life. 


Sudoku is the oldest and most played game where you have to keep in mind the order placement of a number. This improves short-term memory and improves the virtue of concentration helps you concentrate on a task more efficiently. 

This game is available to play online in which you can play it with your friend, or you can download it on your mobile. 


It is the most established and engaging game where you can train your intelligence and can keep track of your performance and result. It is developed keeping in mind mental health and fitness and is proved to increase intelligence.

You can play three games a day or buy a subscription to play more per day. It can be downloaded on your mobile as well as you can play it online. 


It is a fun game you can play and choose the option of multiple players. Scrabble is a game created to improve intelligence in a fun package. It can help improve your memory and vocabulary. The more the game you play, the more you can match and mix new words.

Clock Work Brain

Clock Work Brain is an intelligence game that provides you with different tasks which should be done within time. It has different levels and as you improve your results and performance, you can jump up to a greater level. 

Next time while playing games, keep in mind to entertain yourself with the games which account for fun and intelligence on the same hand. 

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