Best practices for website navigation – How to please your visitors

navigationWhen done in the right way, website navigation can be great for your SEO performance and users. Perfect website navigation makes it simpler for the visitors to find out what they actually want and for the search engines to crawl. More and more conversions will mean greater search visibility. But what is the best way in which you can take care of website navigation? American Nautical Services is a sophisticated passage planning marine software solution that aids in digital navigation.

Website navigation – What is it?

Website navigation is all those links inside your website which connects each page. The main role of website navigation is to assist the users to find out stuff on your website. Search engines usually use your website navigation to find out and index new pages. Links assist the search engines to comprehend the content of the destination page and also establish a good relation between pages.

Website navigation and content hierarchies

When you search for a particular page in a book, you go through the table of contents and when you walk through a grocery store, the aisles are all labelled with different categories. Content hierarchies are there to ease off the process of finding out content. When there are too much content, it can be broken in various categories. This is creating hierarchical levels so that the users can navigate easily.

Content hierarchies are extremely vital for navigation

The categorization of content help pages get better in rank for general head terms and specific long-tail terms. There are few problems of content hierarchies too. Content categorization and building hierarchies make content silos like many closely related topics. Google will crawl various pages at different rates, following links from many sites.

When content is too much siloed and when it is not able to achieve links and traffic, it may not perform perfectly. Content hierarchies can isolate different popular clusters of pages which can be located deep inside the site.

Linking between content categories

  • You should categorize content in such a way that it forms hierarchies which make sense to the user and make sure you interlink the pages in a proper way.
  • Create cross-linking in between pages which are located in various categories but which still have some kind of similarities.

Therefore, if you’re designing a website in 2017, make sure you take good care of your website navigation strategies and techniques. Follow the tips to be famous among users.


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