Neat Tricks The New MacBook Pro is capable of

So, you’ve got yourself a spanking brand new MacBook Pro 2016 after much deliberation, research, and maybe a bit of financial sacrifice. Now you want to take advantage of everything it offers.

Well lad, in this article we’ll list the entire shebang. If you’re still looking for a place to buy your new MacBook, visit Harvey Norman to see the latest MacBook Pro (or air). There’s a bit of a learning curve, but nothing that you can’t handle, we promise.

You already know that the new MacBook Pro is faster, leaner, and better than its predecessor in every way – some may disagree -but -let’s focus on what really matters – the all-new, feature-packed Touch Bar. So, what can you do with this revolutionary strip of OLED screen? Let us count the ways.

macbook pro tips

Adaptive functionality. The Touch Bar works more than your standard function buttons. It will change based on the application/program you are using. It lets you adjust brightness and volume by simply tapping, holding, and dragging the slider to the desired level in one fell swoop.

Editing photos and videos. Adjusting or cropping photos and editing videos can be done quickly by simply sliding a finger. You can work more efficiently on your audio and video projects with the Touch Bar, which also lets you filter photos or go quickly through a video being edited on the Final Cut Pro.

Using the Touch ID. This button is located on the rightmost side of the Touch Bar. You can simply key in your fingerprints to pay for your purchase online or when you want to log into your Apple account.

Working on Microsoft documents. Word files, PowerPoint presentations, access, excel files, and every MS office application benefits from the Touch Bar since it integrates some of the most useful functions when working on documents. These include paragraph settings, font adjustment, a formula for cells, etc.

Web browsing. Surfing the web is a breeze with the use of Touch Bar, which contains functions to open a new tab or go back to previous pages. It also displays bookmarks you have saved for ease of access.

Adding emojis. The Touch Bar can be utilized for scrolling through emojis when using the Messages application. This makes a fun addition to make conversations more fun.

Customizing the Touch Bar’s Control Strip. Go to System Preferences >Keyboard, and click the Customize Control Strip button. Other neat tricks include:

Accessing the expanded control strip – Tapping the chevron button while in the process of customizing the Control Strip will let you access more system functions and controls.

Customizing the app region of the Touch Bar for favorite apps –If an app supports Touch Bar integration, it could also have a customization function. Go to View > Customize Touch Bar while using the app to configure its key layout as shown in the Touch Bar.

Escape key –the escape key is located in the upper left-hand corner of the Bar, but it’s not aligned with the hardware keyboard.

Make Siri listen –Touch and hold the Siri key to make her listen to your voice command throughout the duration of your touch.

End Note

That’s it. If you already own a MacBook Pro, why not share with us other tricks you already discovered that are not here?

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