Mobile Devices have Changed the Way People Engage in e-Commerce Activities – Know how

We are all pretty aware of the fact that mobile devices are gradually changing businesses, especially the world of e-commerce. But it is tough to pin down the changes that really matter is really difficult and is also a matter of struggle. With the rise of tablets, smartphones, and phablets, there have been too many shifts, from small changes to bigger strategic shifts, and keeping a clear track of it can definitely be overwhelming too. Trying to draw the perfect lessons can be even more daunting.

This post has highlighted a few of the most vital ways in which mobile devices have transformed the entire scene of e-commerce. Check out the change that has been brought about in the e-commerce space. The shifts mentioned below are the ones that matter the most.

#1: Change in shopping behavior

The biggest possible impact of mobile phones on the field of e-commerce is that it has drastically expanded all opportunities. When smartphone devices were not prevalent, the online purchases were limited by location and you could only shop when you had a desktop that had an internet connection. These days, everything has changed and mobile devices which are always connected allow us to shop from anywhere and hence this has changed the shopping behavior. A report from Experian suggests that 98% of tablet owners have bought items from their device and 85% of them have engaged themselves in such online activities after they visited a store.


#2: Behavior of buying among consumers

Along with the overall change in shopping behavior, there is also a noteworthy change in buying behavior. Though it may sound odd enough mobile devices have changed the process in 2 different ways. Mobile has made a phenomenon pretty common and it is called ‘showrooming’ where the buyer views an item in a physical store and later on purchases it online. In fact, as per estimates from Business Insider, 60 million American shoppers did the same thing in 2016 and this meant that the timeline for purchasing things became prolonged.

#3: Favoritism of brands

What is the reason behind people shopping so fast on their mobile devices? Due to the fact that they have limited time and screen space to browse, they tend to do fast shopping. Yet again because of the same factors, consumers often return to those brands which they trust while mobile shopping. This is why brands that offer an effortless mobile shopping experience earn loyalty and respect among customers. Amazon continues to boost the share of mobile e-commerce.

#4: Functionality

Functionality and user experience are crucial parts of mobile commerce and in many ways, it is the most simple to comprehend. Your website should work pretty well on a device in order for a sale to continue. Consumers even predict that the functions like ‘add to cart’ work error-free and smoothly. The mobile-optimized functionality can break or make an e-commerce service. Mobile devices encompass the 2 biggest categories, tablets and phones.

#5: Insurance

How can consumers make sure that any e-commerce website is reliable and that their goods arrive easily? Insurance is the main factor. This is one of the unanticipated ways in which mobile devices have changed. For mobile commerce, things aren’t necessarily given, and hence the ability to gain peace of mind about delivery and purchase with insurance is definitely valuable.

Therefore, if you’re wondering about the ways in which mobile has changed the e-commerce industry, you should take into account the above-mentioned ways. This is the key to mobile e-commerce and you should consider the facts.


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