How To Level Up Your Online Experience Through Chrome Extensions

No matter which reason you go online, you are more than likely going to be using Google Chrome when doing so. The internet browser is arguably the best available for a myriad of reasons, as it comfortably outperforms counterparts like Mozilla Firefox, Bing, and Internet Explorer.

Research online has shown that over a third of online exploring is done on Google Chrome, showing that the browser option is the king of internet browsing. Whether it is being used by students, workers, freelancers, or beyond, Chrome is the ultimate option for a top-tier online experience.

It can make a lot of sense that you will want to utilize Chrome to its highest capability, using it to the fullest amount to become the most productive version of yourself online. Google Chrome extensions are the perfect tool to accomplish this, whether it is zoning in on the work you are doing and decluttering notifications or a Google extension that helps you track and manage projects better. Never again will you have to work through Safari’s annoying features, and look up how to clear all Bing history to speed up your online speed.

Chrome extensions can boost your online experience in so many ways, and thankfully the number of Google Chrome continues to soar into the hundreds of thousands – thankfully, we have taken a look and picked out the very best for your online experience. 

Boost your Writing – Grammarly

Grammarly is comfortably one of the Google Chrome extensions that can not only level up your online experience but also give you a huge amount of time back from proofreading. If you’re like me and speedily type through your emails and online writing, you may suffer the consequence of going back and checking all of your spelling, punctuation, and grammar.

Fortunately, Grammarly is a free-to-use Google Chrome extension that checks and fixes these things for you on the go and works perfectly with Google Drive files. 

Keep Zoned In – StayFocusd

This Chrome extension is perfect for those that wander away from the pressing work to go browse Elon Musk’s latest tweets or news on the ongoing FTX saga. This kind of online browsing can lower productivity levels and cause you to miss out on having the best possible online experience. 

StayFocusd is a tool that helps you monitor where you are putting your most valuable resource – your time. It also has a nifty option to block sites that can consume your time the most, including social media like Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and others. 

The best part of this extension is the hoop you have to jump through to redo these settings – the challenge takes a lot of time and will stop you from returning to bad habits.

Never Forget a Password Again – Dashlane

This could be the most helpful extension on the list, allowing Google Chrome users to never have the unfortunate situation of misremembering a password ever again. 

One of the biggest hindrances to both online experiences and productivity can be forgetting a password – whether you are trying to log in to your Amazon account or a work portal, forgetting one can ruin your day.

Thankfully, Dashlane allows you to get your password for each account with just a click of the button – it is far more efficient and workable than Google’s inbuilt password manager which can make it a nightmare trying to store your passwords. 

Master the Art of Email Sending – Mailtrack

The biggest annoyance for a freelancer, remote worker, or general email sender can be not knowing whether someone has opened or read your email. 

Thankfully, the extension called Mailtrack allows you to track all your email sends, whether you are running a big email outreach campaign or just want to see if your brother read your email about the Christmas holiday plans. 

Mailtrack allows you to check when it was opened, how many times it was opened when it was last opened, and more. This extension is perfect for the freelancer, as you can filter your tracked emails by which ones were opened or not – perfect for managing different campaigns or clients.

Meditate Before Work –  Momentum

Momentum is the best Google Chrome extension for gaining inspiration and that moment of clarity before you embark on your online work or hobby. It is a beautiful extension that allows you to look at a serene image every single day, followed by an inspirational or motivational quote and a set daily task, alongside a to-do list. 

This extension gives you all you need to get past procrastination and get the things you need to be done with vigor, drive, and a clear mind. Momentum also creates this background for each tab you open, allowing you to get that piece of inspiration every single time you embark on a different online experience

Focus on Good Habits – Win The Day

Following the inspiration that Momentum provided, Win The Day allows you to get hyperfocused and targeted on your goals and habits. You can set deadlines in this extension and track how well you are working towards your goals, through the daily input of activities and thoughts. 

It is there on hand for you every day, giving you pause to reflect and see how far you are or how close you are getting to gaining more habits and productivity.  

Fawad Malik

Fawad Malik Technology geek by heart, blogger by passion, and founder of, He regularly explores ideas and ways how advanced technology helps individuals, brands and businesses survive and thrive in this competitive landscape. He tends to share the latest tech news, trends, and updates with the community built around Nogentech.

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