Steps You Can Take Right Now to Improve Your EAT for Google

EAT is an important factor Google considers while ranking a website in the search result. Having a site with a high EAT is crucial to keep your unique identity in this highly evolving online world. However, building it is getting immensely challenging due to increased competition and strict Google policies. You need to be very methodical and calculative while following the strategies to improve the site’s rankings. To help you follow the right track, we have created this guide on the essential steps you should take right now to improve your EAT for Google.

What is Google EAT?

EAT is a worth considerable SEO factor that you must comply in order to get higher positions in the rankings. Generally, it represents expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. Complying with all these three important components is beneficial as it not only helps you appear in the top results but also brings massive revenue to you. EAT is compulsory for you if you have a website and want to achieve all the desired milestones by getting a loyal customer base and responsive audience.

Steps to Improve Website’s EAT for Google

EAT is not a single thing. Infact, it is a combination of three different components. You must deal with them separately to get the best results. Otherwise, you won’t be able to get any benefits. Considering these hectic difficulties, we are mentioning the steps to improve the expertise, authority, and trustworthiness of a website.

1 – Enhancing Expertise

Enhancing expertise is the foremost priority in ranking the website in the search engine ranking pages (SERP). You must follow effective tactics to improve your knowledge of the subject. As a result, you’ll be able to enhance the expertise of your site. In the following section, we have listed some important steps you should consider.

A. Create Compelling Content

Creating compelling content is vital to improve the knowledge of the visitors. A user finding accurate information from your website and getting ultimate results utilizing it will positively review you, authorizing your worth. Furthermore, it also becomes an effective way of promotion without spending a single cent. Try to provide in-depth information and data alongside infographics and figures to get people’s attention.

B. Quality Authors

Secondly, you should hire quality authors with great experience generating content relevant to your niche. Compel the writers on creating good blogs, guest posts, review articles, and others. In this way, you can bring incredible improvements in your site’s expertise. Besides, pay additional incentives to the writers for their best performance. This strategy will boost their confidence as well as bring significant results to you.

C. Essential Schema

Developing well-structured content also gives a positive indicator to the public regarding your expertise. Considering integrating a well-designed scheme to give a unique identity to your content. Additionally, follow the ways to improve visibility in search engines. is one of the best platforms for this purpose. Similarly, other schemas, like FAQs, reviews, and articles. 

2 – Improving Authority

The second most important component of improving EAT is to build a high-authority website. Again, it is a hard task. But, we have mentioned some commonly used tactics for maximizing the site’s authority.

A. Backlinks

Backlinks are the best way of building the website’s authority. Getting links from websites with full authority, low spam scores, and higher rankings will also lift your EAT. It is not compulsory to have backlinks in bulk. The only thing you have to consider is the quality and relevancy of the links. Google is getting very strict about backlink profiles now. Any site with irrelevant linked domains suffers from a penalty.

B. Social Media Presence

Social media presence is also necessary for having a high-authority website and, correspondingly, increased EAT. Get on to creating the social profile pages of your website on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can mention your site URL in these profiles. It will not only give you global recognition but also allows the users to come in direct contact with you to get the required support.

C. Approach the Influencers

Another strategy you can opt for is getting in touch with social media influencers. People who have created a great fan base and loyal audience can easily influence their thoughts and approaches. Thus, you can leverage the help of any of these influencers to promote your website on multiple forums, social media, and other sites. Consequently, you will get numerous backlinks from good sites, improving your authority.

3 – Improving Trustworthiness

Winning the visitors’ trust is not everyone’s cup of tea. However, you can achieve this by following certain critical steps. Ultimately, your EAT will also go sky-high. These steps are mentioned below.

A. SSL Certificate

Ensuring users’ security on the website is the primary requirement of every owner. You must add an SSL certificate to your site to secure it from hackers’ attacks. Moreover, it helps you give a positive experience to the people. HTTPS is preferred over HTTP as it also impacts the website’s speed.

B. User Experience

Next, integrate your website with all the necessary elements to enhance the users’ experience and give them the best services. Navigation buttons, well-structured widgets, mobile-friendly themes, fast-loading speed, better readability, and functional CTA buttons are crucial components that allow users to carry out the required activities. In return, you will be able to authorize your credibility and get a competitive edge over your counterparts by increasing the EAT.

Final Verdict

All these are the details about the necessary steps you can take right now to improve your website’s EAT for Google. In conclusion, expertise, authority, and trustworthiness are the basic factors for deciding the site’s rank in the search engine result pages (SERP). That’s why you have to work the way to improve them as much as possible. Compelling content will enhance expertise, and link-building increases authority. On the other hand, SSL certificates and fast-loading speed build people’s trust. That’s all about this guide. Stay tuned for more information!

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