How to Simplify Your Gameplay in Online Games

When starting to play an MMO RPG, many players tend to act according to the instructions – the rules that the developers teach them in the process of getting acquainted with the game gameplay and do not really change the character development pattern – quests, mining or buying weapons and back to tasks.

Many people forget that MMO RPGs are not templates but creativity. Take the basics of the gameplay, but come up with your own ways of pumping, mining gold and good equipment to play for fun.

Ways to Greatly Simplify and Diversify Your Gameplay

Buy gold

Buying game gold is the easiest way to simplify your gameplay and play online games for fun.

Just use it to purchase the most up-to-date equipment for the current level and start fast leveling, spontaneous PVP, go through raids and feel how everything changes with top equipment.

You can also buy weapons and armor for future levels, so that you can immediately equip them when you reach the desired experience value.

To choose the best providers of game gold, go to the Find Carry website, study the list of offered services and choose the best option according to the following criteria:

  • Price
  • Delivery speed
  • Guarantees
  • Reviews

Guarantees are understood as the decision and intervention of the supplier in the transaction in case of problems with the gaming administration.

If you buy gold from non-professional services, you run the risk of getting gold stolen from other accounts, or unfairly mined using bot programs. Do not confuse the macro with som – the bot fully manifests itself as an active player, performing the functions of pharmaceuticals, while the macro replaces the primary actions.

Get Grinding

Most MMO RPGs are built on the principles of quest leveling, where the developers drive you from NPC to NPC and force you to complete non-trivial tasks in exchange for gold and experience.

This is partly convenient, since you are simply led by the hand and given the opportunity to develop without having to plan your actions on your own, but globally it is terribly boring and does not carry potential additional rewards in the form of equipment, resources, gold and other useful items.

Grind is a clearing of game locations in order to gain experience and rewards, and is practically an alternative to quest pumping.

The main advantage and interest of grinding is that you yourself regulate the farming time and location to gain experience and resources.

Grinding can be mixed with PVP and resource extraction like in World of Warcraft.

You can collect resources that artisans need and can sell them to earn extra gold.

With active farming at the same location, provided that the monsters are comparable to you in level or have an excess of no more than three levels, then the so-called saturation of the location occurs with a long grind and the chance to get more valuable items, including equipment, increases.

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Go to dungeons

Many MMO RPGs support and implement the concept of dungeons – dungeons in which you can hunt monsters and local bosses.

The player’s task in the dungeon is to enter the territory, exterminate all the minions and the boss himself and get a random reward with a value depending on the complexity of the dungeon.

Dungeons are always bright and interesting gameplay, which is comparable to raids, but a simpler clearing format for small groups, or alone, but with the effort of three guys.


Raids allow you to enjoy the epic battle with a force far superior to you and claim the best rewards and equipment, which are often impossible to get in any other way, except for crafting, but not all legendary equipment and accessories are available for production even to the most talented craftsmen.

Gather your fireteam from friends, or random players, or join a ready-to-fight boss.

To all fans of epic battles, where the entire outcome of the battle with the boss and the receipt of rewards depends on each individual player and all the actions that he performs or does not act during the entire raid.

Raids are divided into three difficulty levels:

  • Ordinary
  • Heroic
  • Epochal

The normal one serves as an introductory trip to understand the mechanics and have fun with killing the boss by applying skill combinations from the collected classes.

Heroic is more interesting and complex, requires better training in equipment and tactics. Such a boss is already more dangerous and uses his special skills more often and has increased attack and defense potential.

Mythic will open after you successfully complete all previous difficulty levels.

It will not be an easy walk, in which you will be required to collect, or join a large team of players and act without fail.

The epic raid takes a long time due to the high complexity and defense indicators of the boss, who will use all his key skills almost without interruption, which you will learn up and down at weaker difficulty levels.

Such raids are of great interest due to the action in the heat of battle and the excitement of getting the best items on your server for your efforts, which can last for more than one hour.

Go fishing and cooking

In many MMO RPGs, the concept of hunting, fishing and cooking has been implemented, which can become a relaxing variety from all types of activities associated with pumping in favor of harvesting resources and simple relaxation.

Take a fishing rod from an NPC associated with fishing – often they are in shops, or have their point in any major city.

Look for rivers and ponds and start fishing by upgrading your fishing skills.

The more time you devote to this specialization, the faster, more agile and professional you will be able to fish.

Fish is divided into two types – suitable for food and exclusively industrial in reagents and other useful items.

Cooking is needed to cook food, which serves as an alternative enhancement of all the character’s main characteristics by a value equal to the skill level and the quality of the ingredients.

To cook food, you need to make preparations in the form of food and meat obtained from the corresponding animals.

It’s a great upgrade alternative when stocking up on potential character buffs for future raids and PvP with other players.

Gradually, you will reach the organization of full-fledged feasts, which will give a nice additional buff slot, which will positively affect the success of any complex event, be it a raid, or other activity where every improvement counts.

Browse merchants and marketplace

The content of the trading platform is far from being implemented everywhere, but in games like World of Warcraft, Lineage 2 and others, it is.

This is a great tool to monitor various valuable items that could very well be listed at the wrong and cheap price, and that’s what we need. This does not mean that such situations will occur regularly, but it can still occasionally lead.


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