Where to Play Wheelie Bike? Top Sources

The fact that you can play a browser-based game on several platforms is one of its finest features. These games are made to be able to be uploaded to many kinds of websites.

 The same case is with the Wheelie Bike. It is an online game that you can find on several sites.

This article will revolve around this topic. Here, we are going to discuss some top sources where you can play this game. These sites offer different features to enhance the user experience. Let’s start.

Briefly Understanding Wheelie Bike:

Wheelie Bike is a browser-based game that takes place on a 2D platform. You get to control a character riding a bike on it. It can be controlled using different buttons (space/mouse click). The main goal of this game is to cover as much distance as you can while performing a wheelie. It can either be with the front wheel or the back wheel.

If the wheel touches the surface, the game will be over. To make things interesting, you get to face different uneven surfaces on the platform as well. While wheeling, you can collect different coins. They can be used to unlock further levels (worlds) of the game.

Top Resources to Play Wheelie Bike

Some of the best resources where you can play this game are discussed below: is not primarily an online gaming website. It’s rather a game-making software site. According to this website, more than 250,000 users make games on it monthly. Besides offering a software solution, the site has some interesting games as well such as Wheelie Bike. The site may have uploaded such games in order to keep their users entertained as they work.

This site gives different features that make playing this game easier. Its smooth and simple user interface is one of them. You can play the game directly without having any major issues. Just remember that you will have to face some ads while you play the game. Otherwise, the overall gaming experience is good here.


Unlike the site discussed above 1001games is a proper gaming website. It is dedicated to nothing but online browser games. You can find almost every type of game genre on this website. It offers a variety of options to the user. Playing Wheelie Bike on this site can be a lot convenient.

That is because of its in-game features. These options such as using the full-screen mode can take the gaming experience to another level. You also add this game to your “favorites” to find it easily later. Besides this, an option for instantly reloading the game is also available in case you need it. There is no noticeable drawback to this resource except for the lack of account creation options.


The name of this website is simple but it offers some very useful features when it comes to playing Wheelie Bike. Y8 is a decent browser-based gaming website where you can find hundreds of them. All of them have an interesting nature and can be played directly on a browser.

A good thing about this site is that it runs smoothly on both mobile and desktop browsers. According to the site, it has around 90,000 games in its database.

The way it offers Wheelie Bike is simple. There are no extra steps included to access the game. You can either browse it or search for the name with its search feature. The game starts the moment you press the play button on it.

Hooda Math

Hooda Math is a website dedicated to offering educational games to people. Most of its games are math-related. However, there are some other games that can be considered physics-related as well. Wheelie Bike is one of them.

That is because this game has physical mechanics. This means that the wheelies you perform are almost physically realistic. This gives the game a natural play style. This means that it can be considered an educational game as well. People can learn how to balance the bike while moving forward on the surface. Remember that this site also does not have an account creation feature.


Despite its name, RapidWebApp is a website instead of an application. It offers different types of games and applications to its users. They are tailored according to the needs of a diverse audience. You can play Wheelie Bike here without facing any type of interruption.

This site has a very simple nature. This indicates that it is an ideal place if you want to play this game quickly. An interesting thing about this site is that you can install this game as an application as well. This is a unique feature that sets this site apart from every other gaming website.


To conclude it all, Wheelie Bike has become one of the most popular browser games on the Internet. It’s about controlling a character that is riding a bike. The main goal is to perform a long wheelie. The longer it is the more points you get. You earn different coins on the way as well that are used to unlock levels.

An interesting feature of this game is that it can be played on different platforms. Picking one might be difficult for people. So, we have discussed some of the top resources in the information given above. You can play this game on them without facing any major inconvenience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Wheelie Bike free to play?

Indeed. This game is entirely free to play.

Can I play this game on mobile phones?

Indeed. The discussed sites can help you play this game on a mobile device as well.

Are these websites safe from viruses?

Yes. These sites are safe from viruses. However, you may face some ads on some of them.

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