How To Prevent Google From Tracking You?

Stop Google from Tracking your Activities

Why and how Google tracks its users?

Have you ever wondered how accurate the ads are on the internet i.e. the minute you search for gym equipment on internet, Google starts showing you ads related to gym machines? How does this happen and how Google or businesses know what interests you and what kind of content you search on the internet. The one and only explanation is that when you are signed in to your Google account, whatever you do on internet, it’s tracked by Google. The websites that you browse, the products you search for on internet, the ads that you click on and even the locations where you go with your smartphone, all of it is kept by Google in the permanent record section. You might wonder why Google would want to keep track of your search history. The answer is to use that information and present more accurate ads to you while you use internet. Google presents advertisements of over two million websites to its users and the more related the ads are to each user, the better chances there are that the user will take interest in the ad and will visit the linked website for more details.

Google Tracking

Type of information that Google tracks:

  • The information that you have given intentionally to Google including your name, address, phone number, other email accounts, your photos and credit cards.
  • Details that Google got from your internet usage. This includes your internet browsing behavior, the websites and products you search more often, type of content that you take interest in and services that you need most of the time.
  • When you are logged in to your Google account on the smartphone, whatever you do on your phone is tracked by Google. It includes the calls you make, the texts you send, locations where you take your phone, what language you use and problems with the operating system i.e. crashes.
  • Google knows your current location and location history which means if you kept your phone with you whenever you travel, Google knows where you went each time and how much time you spend on each location.
  • Google keeps track and saves everything that you do on internet. From the most frequent websites that you search to the type of content that you look for and most importantly, the ads that you click on.

Tips on preventing Google from tracking you:

  1. Don’t use Google:

    The one and only simple solution of not being tracked by Google is very simple; don’t use Google. If you don’t like to be tracked by the search engine, you should just sign out of all the accounts on internet and just stop using Google. There are many other search engines that are equally efficient as Google so you can shift to those service providers without being tracked.

  2. Sign out of your Google account:

    If you want Google to stop tracking your internet usage but you still don’t want to switch to another search engine, you can just sign out of the Google account and it will simply stop Google from tracking you. When you are not signed in the Google account, you use internet as an anonymous user and Google can still track your search history but it can’t relate it to you because you are using internet without signing in to the Google account.

  3. Check the advertising data:

    If you really want to know what Google knows about you, go to the ad setting page and you will be amazed. You will remember not telling what gender you are and what is your age but just by the searches you make on internet, Google can guess your gender and age very accurately. This is the page that will show you how Google ads appear while you browse internet and what topics Google think might interest you because of your search history. Yes, you can delete everything from here without any problem.

  4. Google saves and keeps record of voice searches:

    If you really thought that Google won’t have anything on you because you don’t type anything but use voice commands, there is a spoiler alert for you Mr. smart pants; Google can and does track and keeps a record of all voice commands and searches. The next time you want to search something weird and you think voice search over typing is better, go the history page of voice commands and see for yourself how long the list is. You will be amazed on how much Google has saved because it doesn’t only have the voice searches over internet but the applications that use voice commands and your home appliances that use voice commands are also tracked and kept by Google. If you want to get rid of this long history, just remove the entries that you don’t like or delete the entire list by checking click all button at the top.Google Assistant

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