Cyber Security Threats to Really Worry About in 2019

From small business owners to giant brands and organizations, having the most effective cybersecurity plan at places is essential for all to prevent bad guys from accessing sensitive business and customer data. Threats and issues to cyber security in this digital world are becoming more classy than ever because the latest technologies are used by businesses and better information infrastructures are developed to get things done more effectively and quickly. In simple words, the severity and frequency of cyber security attacks are expected to increase in years to come as we all are inclined to use technologies for personal and professional tasks.

As online security issues and hacking tactics become sophisticated, organizations and companies need to get used to their methods of preventing such problems and issues.

Here are the most anticipated cyber security threats all businesses and companies need to worry about now and beyond.

AI in Wrong Hands

Artificial intelligence is one of the latest tech trends that businesses of all types can adopt to enhance productivity and efficiency. Since the majority of security agencies and professionals are also using various AI technologies and machine-learning models to better forestall attacks, bad buys and hackers are almost more likely to adopt such technology to attack them back. It is said by security experts that artificial intelligence, unfortunately, offers hackers handy tools and features to make their jobs easier than ever before. Spear phishing is an example of AI used by hackers to sway people to share confidential information and data with them (hackers). They use AI to target digital messages and conversations to hoax their targets by installing malicious malware or sharing sensitive information and details.

IoT based Attacks

No doubt, the Internet of Things technology has had a great impact on the overall operational efficiency of a business or company by providing enhanced connectivity, automation of the business process, and collection of data across several systems. IoT connected devices are one of the common targets of hackers and malicious persons to gain access to business data or information. As the adoption of IoT integrated devices increases in companies and business settings, they need to make sure that these devices are not revealing themselves to any kind of cyber-attacks. Every business or company needs to revise its security policies for effective rules and regulations that make sure IoT devices are profitable for the business and wouldn’t be the cause of cyber security attacks or threats.

Vulnerabilities in Server-less Apps

User data and information are usually at a higher risk when they use server-less apps for their convenience. Do you really know how and why? Let me explain;

In the case of an on-server app, user data and information are stored in cloud servers instead of the user’s device. In this way, vendors have more control over the user information and data to keep them in safe hands. In simple words, the app vendors are able to make sure user data is in safe hands and private also from bad guys by using several security steps and precautions.

In the case of the server-less apps, the security of the data and information is the responsibility of the user who is using the app and is considered an open door to cybercriminals for accessing the sensitive data of users as such apps are commonly used as data processing tools and other web services to get things better and efficient.

Data Breaches are More Complicated than Ever

Cyber-criminals and hackers are always in search of different ways to grow their malicious tactics and activities by using their ideas in more deceitful ways. It is said by experts that harmful ransomware has already been discovered by hackers that turns a victim into attackers and can get access to the files and details of the other connected devices/peoples to it. In such situations, it can be more complicated and harder to stop malicious activities.

Inside the Organization Threats

Not only hackers but sometimes your employees can cause a serious cyber security threat. It has been shown in a study that almost 53% of startups and companies were victims of insider attacks in the recent few years. Corrupt employees are not always the cause of inside the organization threat but oftentimes innocent employees can cause an unintended leak of sensitive data. As internal online security is a complex issue, companies need to beef up security policies with relevant privacy and monitoring compliance approaches.

Final Words

Since all recently mentioned cybersecurity threats can cause significant financial loss and extended disruption to business processes and operations for a business or company, they should take essential and cautious initiatives to keep hackers away from their systems and servers. Cyber security threats are always there for the companies and organizations that are widely using IoT-connected devices, AI technologies, and unsecured networks.

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