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App Store Optimization Guide

Whether you are an app developer or a brand, who want the app to easily get discovered in Google play store, you should have an idea that how difficult and time consuming it can be to maximize app visibility and downloads in app store. It sounds like an unattainable goal when you are launching your very first app. However, implementing the right app store optimization tactics along with marketing it on other platforms can help you make your app popular in Play Store.

We have listed the most vital app store optimization (ASO) tips to optimize your app for Google play store.

App Store Optimization Tips for Google Play Store

The face of your App (Icon)

Designing an appealing and remember-able app icon should be one of your major concerns when it comes to increase the visibility of your app in app store. It is something most important and the very first thing that your users or customers will see right after searching. So, it should be classy and appealing to grab the attention of users. Getting a good-looking app icon designed is not a big deal in these days as you can use online graphic designing software to get the job done efficiently. You can also hire a freelance designer to get an elegant app icon designed.

Keyword Research:

If there are strong competitors in the market then you should target short and tough keywords in order to get more downloads for your app. On another hand, if it is your very first app and also have less competitors then you should use long tail keywords in order to get massive traffic even in a short span of time. By using different SEO tools, you can also steal the best keywords from your competitors to make the ASO efforts result driven. Use of LSI keywords in your app description can also help you get high ranks in the app store.

Optimize App Title Properly:

App title is one of the best places to optimize with your target keyword in order to get most from your app store optimization efforts. Add your keyword in the app title naturally to boost ASO without facing any issues. You can also add your brand name and most relevant & important keyword with it to make your app appear in the top search results.

App Description:

Let you tell your users that what they can enjoy in your app by using target and relevant keywords. App description should be short, easy to understand and creatively optimized with target keywords to make the app appear on the top. The app description should make sense for the users to download the app in very first go. When it comes to optimize an app for Google play store, there is no any other place to add your keywords but app description allows you to do so. That’s why; always try to add your target keyword in the first few lines to get better outcomes at the end.

Add Visible App Screenshots:

Highlighting the major features, User interface and functions of the apps in the form of visible screenshot can be a great way to attract users towards your app. People are busy nowadays and have no time to check for app functions manually. That is the reason, adding some attractive and evident visuals of the app is considered as one of the best tips to optimize an app for Google play store. Catchy and easy to understand screenshots of the app can keep you ahead of the competition to help you get more downloads.

Add a Short Video:

Exploring the app functions, features and UI via a short but catchy video can be a great way to make users learn more about your app. Making a video may cost some extra bucks but can make the app store optimization perfect to grab the attention of more users. You can also use that video in app marketing activities on other platforms.

Ask for Ratings:

Always provide your users an option to give you feedback and asking for 5-star rating is the best way to build trust in Google play store. Having positive ratings will show your new users that the app is trusted by a lot of users and they are happy with the features and benefits offered. You can also use classy pop-ups in the app to ask your users for ratings.

User Reviews:

Your users should always welcome to post reviews about your app. In this way, you will be able to bring improvement in the user interface of the app to provide users with an amazing experience. You should also respond to all the reviews posted by users to let them know you really care about your users.

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