How to Get Proxies for Bots?

Although half of the internet traffic consists of bots, not all of them remain functional for a longer period. Mainly because most sites are blocking them and restricting access to their site to people who were caught using bots. Yet, the best bots can maintain their usage uncaught because they usually have proxy support.

How do they help them, and how can you get them?

What is proxy support?

Proxy is an intermediary server that allows its user to change their IP address and surf the internet anonymously by exposing new IP addresses that have no leads to their original user.

A typical bot shares the IP address of its user. Since bots are used for improving speed and automating various tasks that can’t be done as efficiently manually, it’s not that hard to notice abnormal activity and identify the usage of a bot. Bot’s IP address is an easy link that is used to identify who is the user of this software.

Blocking this IP address is enough to ban all the bots and their user altogether if they share the same IP. That can hurt you if you are employing bots for social marketing, sneaker copping, web scraping, or any other sensitive and money-related matter.

However, the story is different if you are using distinct IP addresses for each bot or for short periods and constantly changing them. When this is done, different bots seem like different internet users that don’t have their activity history under the same IP address that can be tracked for a long while.

It means they are way harder to detect. In addition, different IP addresses for different bots means that none of these IPs will match your IP address. For this reason, you would not be identified or blocked even if some of your bots could somehow be caught.

They could be blocked based on their IP address, but the minute you change their IP address, you unblock them instantly. And that is exactly what proxy bot support does. You need it if you wish to remain unidentified and to make your bots so sneaky that they could not be caught and blocked.

How to get the best proxies for bots?

Getting proxies is not difficult. They are becoming more popular nowadays. There are lots of options with even more new proxy providers emerging throughout the market. All this variety poses certain challenges that might be difficult to overcome if you want to pick the best for specific issues to solve.

Of course, they all grant you anonymity and better safety. But that comes in different forms that might be either more or less applicable depending on the task.

So, here is what you need to pay attention to when you are choosing the best proxy for your bots.

Type of proxy

A few types of proxies can be used for enhancing your bots. What you need to know is that datacenter proxies are generally cheaper and faster, whereas residential proxies are safer and can provide a bigger variety of IP addresses.

If you are scraping the web or sneaker copping, speed is the key factor for you, and datacenter proxies might be the best choice. However, if you are using many bots and you need many more new IP addresses and better safety in general, for instance, if you are working with sensitive data, then residential proxies are better.

Both types can be used for either purpose. You just need to set your preferences in what features do you want and where you tend to agree with some sort of compromise for the sake of other improvements.

IP rotation

Make sure that the IP addresses that you get can rotate and change over time without putting in much effort. It helps maintain better anonymity and remains unnoticed while using bots that can operate freely without interruptions and raising too many suspicions.

Location targeting

If you are using bots to cop sneakers in different countries, you need residential proxies because they can provide more IPs covering more regions.

If you want to access the prices and items that are set only for particular countries, you need your proxies to target specifically these countries and allow you to access them with an IP address that indicates a location in that country.

Geo-restricted content, including prices and items, can be unlocked by using proxies. Your bots can bypass such restrictions only with an IP address that indicates unrestricted location. Proxies are the best way to do that.

Types of how new IP addresses are used

When you are using a proxy, you can get either a private (or dedicated) IP address or a shared one.

A shared IP address means that other users of the same proxy can be using the same IP address at the same time. It can make your connection a bit slower, and it can increase the risk of getting caught. For instance, if you are using the same IP address for the same task as the other user, you are doomed because both of you will get identified sooner or later.

That’s why for the most part using dedicated IP addresses is better. Especially where certain limitations are to be passed, such as limits for the number of purchases of certain merchandise.

Customer support

If bot providers are seen as more advantageous when they have good customer support, the same can be said about proxies for bots. You need to look for a proxy provider that has good customer support and is ready to help you if you get entangled between using bots and proxies to bypass certain restrictions and avoid getting identified or blocked.

Concluding thoughts

To get the best proxy for your bots, you need to evaluate which type of proxy and which features are best for your issues at hand to be either eliminated or bypassed. In most cases, it will be dedicated residential proxies that grant you safety and a variety of IPs that help you maintain your anonymity.

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