Injured Gadgets-Common Injuries Of Smart Gadgets and Ways To Fix Them

We all depend so much on our gadgets that even we cannot even think to survive without them. These gadgets are assisting us in almost all aspects of our lives like managing our private and professional lives without these gadgets is not possible for us at all. But they also make us worry when these gadgets get injured. The question is: why the gadgets are getting injured? Are we treating them properly? How can we fix the injured gadgets? For instance, a recent survey concludes that if we take only a rough estimate of repair of broken phone screens, it was up to 700 dollars per annum. Other common injured gadgets face common issues like water damage, battery issues, voice problems, etc.

How to solve the problem:

In the last few weeks, I was thinking of making a deep analysis of why do gadgets get broken or damaged and lose their durability and how can we increase them. For instance, some injured gadgets include the home automation appliances that become faulty I working. Similarly, many other devices such as LED, Laptops, smartphones, smart light bulbs, headphones, and hands-free just cease to function and stop working altogether.

Therefore, I found some ways in which our gadgets get damaged, broken, or faulty; and the precautions to protect them. I also found some ways to fix the problems of injured gadgets.

Battery drain problem

A common issue faced by almost every smart chargeable gadget is poor battery life. It means you can be at risk of trouble because you depend on these gadgets always. For instance in the case of a smartphone. First of all, let’s enlist the reasons for the short battery life. It can occur because of running a lot of apps at a time, or heavy apps running in the background, very high display screen brightness, and outraged battery age. If your smart gadget is aged enough, then you may have observed that battery charge drops to 50 % in just one or two couple of hours. In this case, you need to replace your battery with the assistance of experts.

Another problem with injured gadgets may include the lack of capability of your gadget to upgrade itself.

Another reason for slow degradation of battery is allowing your gadget battery to drain down to zero percent always will eventually injure it. Furthermore, keeping charging the gadget for hours after it has reached 100% already can also generate excessive heat and eventually makes your device an injured gadget.

Solutions and precautions:

In this case, some techniques can be applied to maximize battery life:

  • First of all, see and analyze which one or two apps are responsible for so quick battery drain, no matter you own an Android or iOS device, you can check it in the device settings in the battery menu option. If you are successful in the few apps hogging your battery, uninstall them from the gadget and check if the issue is resolved or not.
  • To further extend the battery, decrease the screen brightness when not needed, and make sure to put your gadget on airplane mode when your gadget is not in use.
  • Another useful trick is to turn on the power-saving mode. Although the underlying issue is not solved by this, still it can extend the timings between charging.
  • Turing on GPS or location tracking also drains a significant part of your battery, so make sure to turn it on only when needed.
  • Also make sure to put your gadget on charging before reaching 20 % and do not overcharge your phone. It can extend battery life.

Torn screen glass

Another most common injury related to injured gadgets is a broken or cracked screen. And almost every person having a smart gadget (cell phone or tablet) faces this problem at least once in life. Fortunately, you can easily spot a cracked screen without racking your brain. And unfortunately, you cannot ignore this problem because it is always a consequence of some accident, fall or pressure. In most cases, a cracked screen of your gadget may not affect the functions but to use it like this is still quite dangerous. The reason is that it can also nick or cut your skin. Also, long-term and continued use of a phone with a cracked screen can lead to complete loss of screen functionality, dark spots, discoloration, and other issues.

Solution and Precautions:

The only solution after the breakage of the screen is t replace it with a new one. Fortunately, replacing a cracked screen does not take much time. Common repairs are done by the professionals in no time so that you will get back your phone.

Other precautions for protecting the screen from cracking are:

Damage due to water

Most of the gadgets cannot survive water damage because they are not waterproof. So, if you accidentally drop your phone in water (either in the toilet or in rain) and it is dipped completely, it’s an emergency for you. Because injured gadgets due to water can lead to serious damage to delicate internal circuits of the phones or smart gadgets.

Solutions and precautions:

Following instant actions can save your phone:

  • Remove your gadget from the water immediately and take out the battery if it is removable. Removing the battery instantly can save your device as it disconnects the internal circuits before they can sustain the water injury.
  • Make sure not to push the buttons or frequently move the device because it could force the water more into the circuits.
  • To absorb the moisture, submerge your injured gadget in a bowl full of rice for at least 24 hours before turning on your device. Rice is hygroscopic so it can absorb moisture.
  • A COMMON MISTAKE that most people make but you should not do is to dry the phones using a hairdryer. This can cause more serious injury to your phone, by moving the moisture particles forward to internal circuits.
  • If the upper steps still do not make your device work then go and ask a professional to treat it. They can retrieve the information from your device (in case the gadget is not repairable) and transfer it to another one.

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