Hologram Technology is Now Making Its Way to University Classrooms

Hologram technology is now making its way to University classrooms to provide students with a new way of education. This technology will help in delivering live lectures from the guest lecturers into the classrooms. The Guardians first published the details regarding this fascinating move. Previously, the hologram has made its way to give new life to the content of dead and alive music legends. Considering its success in the music industry, the developers have taken one step further and now they are making their way to launch its best version.

Hologram Technology in Classrooms

The hologram technology will be first integrated into Loughborough University, which is 100 miles away from London, UK when moving to North. It will be the first university in Europe where the trial of this setting will be launched. Proto, one of the most famous technological companies currently working around the globe, has developed this exceptional technology. The Los Angeles-based organization has already offered holograms for enterprises working in the travel sector. Integrating holograms in the educational section will enable sports scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to stream their lectures.

Benefits of Hologram Technology in Classrooms

Hologram technology in the classroom has massive perks for students as they prefer learning over a 3D image program, beamed live on the wall. Moreover, the holograms are much more captivating and engaging than traditional setups. Using holograms will also allow speakers to showcase a complex piece of equipment more precisely than they are shown in a Zoom call. Above all, the telepresence classroom robots are in the trial in place of absent students. If successful, they are expected to be included in the curriculum of the University the very next year.


Proto is working steadily to launch this hologram technology setting into the classrooms as soon as possible. To make this technology more accessible, the company is proactively launching smaller units. All of them will cost less than $1,000 for projecting the hologram. Nevertheless, the hologram generated by them will be relatively small in size.

Future Prospects

Hologram technology has great potential, and its collaboration with Artificial Intelligence may open up new doors of advancement and success. The developers claim this integration will recreate deceased people with brilliant minds. To support their talk, they have given the example of physicist and cosmologist Stephen Hawking.

The founder of Proto company, David Nussbaum, has announced that they can take this hologram technology to books, lectures, and social media. Also he mentioned that hologram technology will also cover all the questions and other interactions associated with him. Nussbaum further elaborated that the AI Stephen Hawking will resemble him and may also sound like him. While interacting with the model, everyone will consider that it was him.

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