Google Pixel 3 XL White Full Phone Specifications

Google official had launched this phone in Oct-2018, with all its specifications Pixel 3 xl has become the glorious notch. Although people had some grudge when they first use it as one could see in reviews. Google put it in popular color options; white and black. Its specifications have made it very much desired for the bloggers and the ones who love good quality cameras and batteries in steel.

One thing, that is really desirable for the ones who love using the latest technology, is that it is so updated since its launch that you can feel you have purchased it now. Although its launch is dated back to Oct-2018.

What makes you feel happy about owning Google Pixel 3 XL?

If you go through the reviews since the launch of the phone you would probably go through many phases, but the beauty of these phases is their updated version. No doubt, Google has launched it as hardware excellence but the software is gradually updated and continues updating.

There are many review articles and videos praising all the specifications of Google Pixel 3 XL to make it worth purchasing for the upgraded folks. You can find articles giving you 5, 10, and countless reasons to follow it as a market competitive brand. But what attracts my nerves to it, is just a “Google updates” version of the software while the hardware already has mouth-watering specifications. It seemed quite interesting when I have been through reviews about the phone to get motivation for buying Google Pixel 3 XL, I read the title “The best camera got a better Phone” by Marques Brownlee.

Android 11 OS

There are a lot of people using android 8, 9, and 10, if you own Google Pixel 3 xl you’re lucky because it is Android OS 11. Below is a list of a wide range of tempting features of this smartphone.

Google provides specifications Pixel 3 XL White

  • Updated OS 11

The operating system is updated to the level of 11 just to compete with all the leading brands like iPhone in system upgrades at lower prices.

  • Two front-firing speakers

Firing stereo speakers is giving you the higher bass in HAC (M$/T3) with hearing aid compatibility and headphone adapters.

  • The extra-wide angle selfie camera

Two cameras; one for regular selfies and the other for group shots. These equally make a 76-degree featured view. The front camera with dual flashes Sony IMX355 Exmor sensor model

  • Back camera with insanely good Night-sight mode

The rear camera with dual flash captures from the focal length (4.44mm-28mm) and results in 1080p@ 120 fps and 720@ 240 fps. The night sight mode is insanely panoramic.

  • 12.2 MP, f/1.8, 28mm (wide), 1/2.55″, 1.4µm, dual pixel PDAF, OIS

This feature creates a 7.99-megapixel picture preview and videos with 60 fps. The diagonal size of the screen is 1440×2960 pixels resolution. 

  • 6.3’ inches P OLED display with a great punchy and saturated screen

This screen is quite different from the LED display with high saturations and larger preview which is multi-touch and scratch-resistant. The digital and optical image stabilization phases the detections with dual pixels. 

  • 24-bit color depth with 83.39 % display area screen

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The diagonal size gives a 6.3’ inches panoramic display to make videos and pictures really enjoyable.

  • Corning Gorilla Glass 5 gives a 10000:1 ratio on HDR display

This screen is prepared at Samsung manufacturing units to meet the criteria of best screen display 

  • No hands free jack but USB (5.0)

C-type USB slot acts as charging as well as hearing aid.

  • 64GB smartphone featuring GSM+CDMA/ 4G LTE compatible

We, digital folks, love using multiple apps and other media files at our fingertips in our phones and this Google smartphone has space of 64 GB to contain all. It gives you 4GB/64GB RAM as well as 4GB/128GB RAM.

  • 3.5mm jack stereo speakers

One can use it to compare the music and sound quality of devices with high-quality bass and pitch  

  • White, Black, and no pink cover back in Aluminum alloy

This metallic body of 3.02 x 6.22 x 0.31 inches dimensions weights 0.41 lbs is really the desired smartphone.

  • Why Google Pixel 3 XL in “White”?

Although I’m greatly fascinated with black color, White is the right choice because on white-colored Aluminum cover scratches are less visible

Pixel 3 XL features

It gives your camera the best qualities in a better smartphone with continuous updating ad quality rotations with double flash. Blogger and selfie lovers will madly fall in love with the dual selfie front and main back camera having dual flashes to click auto HDR to Panorama for you.


You are lucky if you have this smartphone it is as updated as Google is itself. If you have every new update on your old phone, why do you want to switch the model? You are going to enjoy the same features in your old smartphone as the newer and costly phones are providing! Google Pixel 3 XL white is giving you more or less the same entertainment as the pixel 5 XL I featured in 2021.

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