Desklab Portable Monitor: Ideal for Work and Mobile Productivity

Are you searching for a high-performance second-display monitor? The Desklab portable 4K touchscreen monitor appears as the best decision for you. It is a whole setup for office and amusement features packed into the lightest mobile touchscreen of all time. People who need versatility, adaptability, and execution with whatever has to do with their tech devices. It fits entirely in the present “on-the-go” world.

The Desklab monitor helps to transfer a mobile phone into a vast screen gaming show or temporary workstation when there is no PC available. Its versatility helps you to do more than that. It deals with Laptops running Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, and Chrome OS. Remarkably, it is also compatible with gaming control centers, such as Android, Apple, and Tablets.

Desklab Portable Monitor: What is in the Box?

It is your 4K screen, dongles, charger, and speakers, and it’s completely adjustable for all with whom you want. Please dispose of all the messiness in your folder case or backpack, which is the monitor you wish to use. As you open the box, the monitor comes conveniently bundled along with the accompanying:

  1. A power supply with USB Type-C to drive up the device (for example, you can control it simply by interfacing a USB-C to your Laptop).
  2. An HDMI cable (upholds 4K)
  3. A USB Type-C to Type-C link
  4. A client’s aide

History of Desklab Portable Monitor

Desklab has entered into a developing market sector of portable monitors, rivaling a cost range from around $200 to three times that money. The Engineers took their best part to design the monitor in June 2018. Interestingly, this participation entered to Kickstarter fundraising crusade in October 2019 and the top conveyances began in mid-2020.

Despite other portable monitors, some with the most modest boards, the unique design variable of Desklab is its clutter-free, plug-and-play plan. They removed the requirement for dongles and various links and by doing work with a restricted unit of gadgets added programming. Desklab need not bother with gimmicks or frills. Besides, it has no setup and is lightweight.

Description of Desklab Portable Monitor

This compact board is thin and lightweight. It is 0.236” thick, weighs 1.6 pounds, and measures 14” x 9”. The review region is outlined on three sides with a ¼: dark bezel. A 1-1/4” base stretches across the base. The whole dark metal case is solid and has no flex when held.

The thicker packaging at the base is expected to house the extra hardware and parts that drive the interior features that make this compact screen so valuable. Additionally, the base houses double hi-fi speakers for a vivid sound system that attracts a lot that is full and round. You can try the portable monitor with various workstations and Chromebooks. The Desklab screen’s speakers equaled or outperformed the listening quality for discourse and music reproduction.

From the front, the right side base edge is one Mini HDMI port, two USB-C ports, and a micro-USB port which might be expected to connect the air conditioner power supply if the PC, Desktop, Laptop, or tablet associated with it does not give sufficient juice. There is no microSD slot and on the lower edge of the base are a 3.5mm earphone jack, a wheel button to get to settings, and an on/off switch.

Specifications and Features

  1. Brilliant 4K
  2. Touchscreen
  3. Universal Compatibility
  4. Built-in Audio
  5. Plug and Play
  6. Gaming Ready
  7. Portable Charger
  8. Ultra-Bright
  9. Lightweight
  10. Safe for Eyes
  11. Super Responsive
  12. True LED Backlight
  13. Scale up Your Smartphone
  14. Energy Smart
  15. Connect to Everything
  16. Magnetic Stand

Primary Users of Portable Touchscreen Monitor?

Multiple users can use the Desklab portable monitor. But it was designed for some of the particular users that are listed below:


The monitor gives exact variety, precision, and super distinctive picture quality essential for designers.


Businesspeople get thin, durable, and straightforward to set up for the continuous business explorer.


They get full fidelity and quick reaction time for developers who need more than one screen in their everyday exercises.


The Desklab portable monitor gives brighter, quicker, and 100 percent stack free. Hence, it is the most impressive mobile gaming screen.


Students get light and flimsy for your long review meetings.


Photographers get the best out of portable monitors because they get the 4K resolution and super glorious light compatible with any lighting conditions.

Compatibility with All Platforms

  • With both USB C and HDMI inputs, the portable monitor is compatible with everything – from your Laptops, MacBooks, Tablets, or gaming consoles. You need to upgrade your 720p or 1080p display to 4K today.
  • Interface effectively with different peripherals. Do not bother downloading extra drivers; plug and play.
  • Connect easily with your PC or MacBook and advance your efficiency.
  • Show your laptop or cell phone’s substance by connecting one cable.

Converting your Phone into a Workstation

Writing emails, overseeing applications, and looking for photographs on your cell phone is dreary work. It would help to not get the disappointment of autocorrect. When your smartphone is associated with a versatile screen, it will show up as a desktop-style interface, permitting you to explore your telephone, applications, and documents. It also comes with ten fingers, not only two cumbersome thumbs. Connect a console and mouse and start your work. You may at no point ever need a PC in the future.

You need to associate your smartphone with the touchscreen monitor and increment your phone screen to 15 inches. Dread, only when you have a PC around. The most convenient screen changes the media on your smartphone into an actual involvement in clear sound and a 4K resolution—an additional screen to assist you with working even more proficiently. Whether coding, outlining, planning, contemplating, or gaming, it is the most compact, adaptable screen.

Touchscreen Power and Magnetic Stand

What more might you do by transforming your PC into a working touch board? The Desklab portable monitor’s ultra-responsive touchscreen is ideal for planning music, the panel, visiting, and more. When your cell phone is associated with this screen, it shows up as a work area-style interface, permitting you to explore your telephone, applications, records, and more with ten fingers.

The monitor’s flexible, attractive stand is a rigid screen protector. There are different screen angle adjustments, so you can efficiently utilize it whether sitting, standing, or lying in bed. Work how you like, serenely. The screen is intentionally intended to give solace and comfort wherever you go. This monitor portable screen’s magnetic cover serves as a kickstand and is made with top-notch materials. You can endure the mileage that accompanies shipping your PC around.

The customizability of The Desklab Portable Monitor

The monitor is not cheap that distorts and mirrors your device screen. The brilliant main screen permits you to redo your work area from any place. You can adjust volume, splendour, and different settings to align your solace level.

Everything is unique, and you should not need to look at lists of monitor settings and various plans to track down the right size and picture resolution. Customize your settings physically to accomplish the perfect picture and sound for each climate.

Pros and Cons


  • Ultra-portable
  • Very thin and lightweight
  • 4K quality is excellent
  • Only 10ms response time (impressive for gaming)
  • You can connect it to many tools such as XBOX, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Laptop, PC, MacBook, Movie player tools like ROKU Ultra, Apple TV etc. You can also connect Tablet, Photo or Video Camera, or anything you can attach using the cable.
  • Free Shipping
  • No software drivers are required


  • Brightness issue when using outside but is suitable for indoor use.
  • Maximizing your Desklab experience if you have no other stand. You must buy the optional over that can help you to customize to hold up the monitor.

Bottom Line

The overall evaluation shows that Desklab portable monitor is a magnificent device if you search for a 4K additional monitor with crisp and solid picture quality. It gives the best performance that you can not ever get from another device. You get more productivity if you are working as a developer or designer. The response time is quick, and you can adjust the monitor’s resolution to get the best viewing experience. You can watch movies and series or even play video games. You can connect your smartphone using the USB Type-C port and use it in the workplace.

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