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You Want to Hire Java Developers: Here Are the Necessary Skills

We all know that Java has been at the top of the programming world for many years, showing how effective this language is worldwide. This fact means that you can find many Java developers to hire all across the globe.

However, this massive popularity also creates another problem. You are not the only one trying to hire the best Java programmers since there are many competitors who are chasing the same candidates.

So, what is the solution to this challenge?

Actually, there isn’t one main solution, but two primary aspects you have to consider. One is to understand that a global talent network is the best place to hire Java developers with expertise and experience, and the other is to look for the necessary skills.

Therefore, let’s see which are the necessary skills a Java developer must possess.

Proper Knowledge of Libraries and APIs

One of the crucial things you have to check whether a potential Java employee is worth hiring is their proper knowledge of libraries and APIs. Of course, they know what is Java or which are the basic features, but the goal is to hire someone with expertise in their pocket.

It’s valuable to mention that Java has various open-source libraries for efficient development. That’s why your future Java developer has to have genuine knowledge of third-party libraries and the API. Except for the various libraries that are important, we will also address the essential APIs that Java developers must know how to use properly.

One of the general-purpose Java libraries that also conducts various independent libraries is Google Guava. It’s fascinating that Google Guava libraries have main features such as I/O utilities, Java collections framework extension, caching, concurrency utilities, etc. Another crucial library is Apache Commons, which, believe it or not, has 43 modular libraries that cover different domains such as Caching, Classes, Math, Database, and so on.

Also, the Java developer you consider hiring needs to have knowledge of SLF4J, Jackson, and other efficient logging libraries.

Understanding of AI and Machine Learning Tools

Another essential skill on this list is understanding AI and machine learning tools.

The reason for it is pretty simple – artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science are literally ruling our planet. It wouldn’t be a mistake to say that if it weren’t for some of these tools, today’s modern world would stop functioning immediately.

These tools have the advantage of making many tasks a lot easier for everyone and making it possible for the latest innovations and transformations to happen. And guess what, Java is the programming language that was behind many of these innovations that people worldwide use every day.

Therefore, your Java developer has to understand these types of tools and know how to work with them properly. Another essential reason why they have to have this knowledge is that many of the famous tools used for big data are usually written in Java.

As mentioned before, Java has many libraries, but it’s also an impressively fast, reliable, and efficient programming language for building even large projects. So, if you want to hire the best freelance Java developer, they must have knowledge of machine learning and AI.

DevOps Tools Awareness

To put it in simple terms – one can not be a high-quality Java developer if one isn’t aware of at least some DevOps tools.

The essential DevOps tools for Java developers are Github, Git, and Docker, among others. These types of DevOps tools help Java developers to build and manage projects in an effective way continuously.

Some others that mustn’t be overlooked include JIRA and Maven as significant DevOps tools that your future Java developer can use in various Java projects. In addition, IDE is also a-must DevOps tool, while Splunk can help Java developers write better code using machine learning.

In essence, these DevOps tools are vital for your Java developer to know since they improve unit testing, coding, and the overall Java development process for your projects.

Excellent Communication Skills

That’s right; soft skills are also crucial for success since Java development isn’t all about technical expertise; your developers must communicate and collaborate with both colleagues and clients.

Therefore, having communication skills in the workplace is essential since it’s what will make your Java developers’ team chemistry and client collaboration much better. Excellent communication skills are also vital because Java developers have to speak clearly for other people to pay attention and understand every detail, even those who don’t have technical knowledge.

Furthermore, don’t forget that communication is as much about knowing how to listen as it is about knowing how to speak. That’s why you should find a Java developer that will spend almost the same amount of time listening to colleagues and clients as they use for speaking to them.

Fast Problem-Solving Skills

Fast problem-solving skills are at the end of this list of necessary skills for Java developers, but equally essential.

Practical challenges can be extremely difficult to solve; therefore, this skill is as essential as all others for your future Java developers to possess. They will need to have the talent to keep pushing to solve any challenge and understand how to approach or analyze problems, which will undoubtedly appear many times during development.

Furthermore, your Java developers must understand data structures and algorithms and solve other possible problems to have great problem-solving skills to improve your projects. You have to check whether the person you are planning to hire has the experience and sense of how to split complicated things into simpler ones, address issues with an attitude that there’s always a solution, etc.

In short, it won’t mean anything if your Java developer is fantastic technical-wise if they don’t know how to solve a problem fast.

What are you waiting for?

It’s time to go hunting and hire the best Java developers on the global market via a global talent network and ‘steal’ them before your competitors hire them for their company!

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