Cycode Ventures into AI-Enhanced Security With Bearer Acquisition

Cycode has made a significant move recently by acquiring the Bearer, which is a Static Application Security Testing (SAST) startup. The acquisition of the company has made Cycode to enhance its capabilities and operational tendencies. While the enterprise is already famous for its application security posture management, the functional enhancement will speed up its efforts to adopt AI-powered security systems. Hence, it can attract more number of clients and can generate larger revenue. 

Evolution of Cycode

Cycode was previously famous for its primary focus on software supply chain security. It has offered exceptional solutions in the past. Nevertheless, the landscape of threats has expanded due to improvements in technology. To deal with such increased challenges, the company has made efforts to explore new opportunities to enhance its services. Now, the Cycode is capable of addressing a wide range of attacks. It is also looking forward to the ways to become a versatile application security platform.

Acquisition of Bearer

Bearer has gained worldwide popularity because of its developer-friendly approach. It is counted among the best SAST solutions as it can seamlessly integrate with the development process. Bearer offers an enhanced experience to the developers while providing them with essential security feedback. The company features a SAST engine which is powered by Artificial Intelligence. It explains vulnerabilities and suggests code fixes to make it a valuable addition to the Cycode’s portfolio. 

As per TechCrunch, Cycode has acquired this incredible SAST engine to improve its services and automation capabilities to ensure that it can provide better security solutions. Bearer has raised the overall funding worth $8 million in 2022 where Alven has led the round. On the other hand, Cycode has generated a colossal sum of $81 million, out of which $56 million was generated in 2021 in a Series B round. As a result, the company has made the latest acquisition.

What Does Owners Sya?

The co-founder of Cycode, Dor Atias, who is also the vice president of R&D, has shared his thoughts on the acquisition of Bearer. He stated that the SAST engine of Bearer will help Cycode improve its current solutions. Moreover, the integration of this advanced AI-powered technology will enable the enterprise to have its hands on a well-developed SAST tool. Using the generative AI and remediation capabilities of Bearer, Cycode can offer complete security solutions to businesses.

Lior Levy, Cycode’s co-founder and CEO, believes that AI holds the key to effective security. Bearer’s AI-driven approach allows issues to be fixed before they even enter source control. This proactive approach will reduce the burden on developers and security teams. For Cycode, AI is the primary source that enhances security efficacy.

The acquisition of Bearer enables Cycode to achieve its mission of delivering safe code faster. With Bearer’s technology integrated into its platform, Cycode gains scanning speed, contextual capabilities, and precision. As the industry evolves, Cycode’s comprehensive application security approach, powered by AI, ensures a safer digital landscape for all.

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