Computer Desk With Keyboard Tray -Effects Of Continuous Modernization

In today’s world, a computer desk with a keyboard tray at one’s disposal can bring the whole world to one’s fingertips. Accessibility is much easier and functions are way more smooth.

Before the advent of the Computer, the world seemed much slower. But with the great invention of Charles Babbage who is regarded as the father of the computer, and with the equal contributions of Ada Lovelace who is regarded as the mother of the computer, the 20th century started to see a sudden spike in the use of technology. Although neither Charles Babbage nor Ada Lovelace invented the first computer. The first computer was designed much later, but they had a vital contribution in creating something that set up the basic platform for future generations to create the computer. Charles Babbage invented the steam-driven calculating machine in 1822. And Ada Lovelace wrote a computational algorithm making her become the first computer programmer in the world.

Today, if we have the privilege of doing various complex tasks using a computer desk with a keyboard tray, in the comfort of our home, the credit goes to these two geniuses. Today, the 21st-century world is a very smart and fast world and the biggest credit goes to the computer. As all complex tasks are completed in a much shorter period, people have more time to think and do other things. Making them smarter by the day.

Beginning of the Concept Of Technology

As people had tasted blood, they could not stop making the computer smarter and better with time. So that gave birth to the concept of technology. This started when smartphones were still not in use. From the year 2000, upgraded software started to pour in. This software was used in the personal computers in our homes or in the local cyber cafes which were very common in the early 2000s. This meant that using the computer desk with a keyboard tray was not only restricted to work but also to fun and games. Computer games became an integral part of our entertainment from then on. As time passed, software kept upgrading and with that, our modes of entertainment kept upgrading too.

The Major Invention Of Technology

Then came the introduction of the Laptop. A major invention in the field of technology. This was something where someone could do all the work which a computer could, but without the computer desk with keyboard tray. A portable computer, which could be carried anywhere, could work for hours without being plugged into a socket, with the help of a built-in battery. The world started moving faster than ever after this invention. The earlier laptops came with a disc space, where CDs, DVDs, etc could be inserted. But as mentioned before, technology was upgraded at a very fast pace, it was not long before further changes would come in. As time went by, the USB was introduced which led to the end of the disk era. A device known as the Pen Drive was introduced to store data. Therefore, modern-day computers do have a computer desk with a keyboard tray but without disk space. Instead, they come with various USB slots for various pen drive insertions. Laptops to have stopped making the disk space.

As we progressed with time, we realized that space is a major issue in our lives and we need to cut the extra space to live well. Therefore, the Notebook was introduced. This was nothing but the same computer desk with a keyboard tray, but without the desk, keyboard tray and smaller than the Laptop.

A compact device, smaller and lighter than the laptop and, therefore easier to carry. But capable of doing all the functions of a proper computer. The notebook was a tremendous success in the field of technology, mainly due to its super compact size. And it’s known to run for longer hours without power, as compared to the laptop.

The hunger for using more advanced gadgets never really ended and will not. Therefore, an even more compact device was introduced which was known as the Tablet. Again, it’s the same computer desk with a keyboard tray but looks nothing like it. A thin rectangular device with no keys. Just a screen with finger touch sensors to use. A super success among students and corporate as it looked good, was handy, and had the best technology of the time. The USP of the product was, that apart from all the functions it could perform, whether work or entertainment, it could automatically upgrade to new software which was recently launched. This meant that one using the tablet was using the latest upgraded technology, which is very vital in today’s modern world.

Modernization of Technology

The world has come to such a stage that anyone using technology, even one generation lower is considered highly obsolete. And nowadays, technology changes at a very rapid pace. The advent of computers may have been with computer desks with keyboard trays, but with modernization and rapid change in technology, no one can say where it will end as there will be no end to the improvisation of this. With Palmtops, which are the size of our palms, giving much more than the modern-day computer desk with a keyboard tray, technology will take us to the greatest heights possible.


That day is not far when even the modern-day computer desk with keyboard tray concept will go obsolete. With people needing to travel around the world, it is only the portable devices that will be on-demand and with that, the era of the home PC will also come to an end. Modernization of technology will not let us keep a particular device for long as it will keep getting upgraded in quick succession and soon, the device which we own and used to consider a modern tool, will become an old tool. Computer added with technology is the reason why our 21st-century world has seen so many changes in too little time, and this is just the beginning.


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