Better Link Juice Transfer with Dofollow Backlinks

While talking about search engine optimization and link building, you are likely to come across words like Nofollow, Dofollow, Domain Authority, Trust Flow, and so on. This is specifically true in case you are looking for blogger outreach strategies to make your brand more visible and profitable. If you are new to the world of guest blogging, then it is recommended that you understand the application of these words to get optimum returns from your link building campaigns.

Here, we aim to explain the utility of Nofollow and Dofollow links and why they are indispensable for guest bloggers and link building agencies alike.

Nofollow Links in Guest Blogging

Search engine bots are disallowed from following links with Nofollow attributes. This effectively means that if you have backlinks in your guest blogs with the Nofollow feature turned on, then you’ll fail to pass on the link juice to your site. Only human visitors can follow these links to reach your content.

Recently, it was announced by Google that it’ll continue considering Nofollow links as outgoing links in context to page rank distribution est from hyperlinked pages. However, the weightage given to them would be quite less. The placement of Nofollow links by guest blogging service providers influences the ranking of URLs. For example, when such links are placed somewhere near the bottom of the page, they have the least impact. Some impact is likely to be created when Nofollow backlinks are included near the top of the page.

What are Dofollow Backlinks?

Unlike Unfollow links, all hyperlinks contain the Dofollow attribute by default. Dofollow backlinks were introduced by Google to prevent search engines from getting spammed. They pass on link juice to the linked URLs in order to influence the ranking of targeted keywords. They are responsible for increasing the Page Authority (PA), Domain Authority (DA), and Page Rank of guest blogging exercises. Posts with Dofollow backlinks from high DA sites are considered authoritative in Google’s eyes.

How do Dofollow Backlinks Work?

Link building services like Outreach Monks have plenty of link building tactics on their cards when it comes to guest blogging; Dofollow backlinks being the most popular of them all.  These backlinks allow bots from Google, and other search engines to follow them to increase the traffic to the hyperlinked website. In other words, they pass on the link equity and SEO benefits of influencer sites to your blog or site.

For instance, if you create Dofollow backlinks from a website with high Domain Authority in the range of 10+ to 50+, you can direct link juices to your site to improve its search engine ranking significantly.  Allowing for keywords in anchor texts is an easy way of linking to any page or website.

Increase Revenue with High Authority Guest Blogging

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