Best Ways to Repairing Cell Phone Screen

Broken screens And Repairing Cell Phone Screen have various intensity levels, from small scratches to spider webs to completely broken glass, from completely cracked screens and broken phones to simple problems, you can handle it all. Firstly, you must know the level of damage. To examine it, place the phone on a hard surface, under a good light. After a small stress test and some care, you can determine whether the screen has dropped or failed completely.

The most common damage to mobile phones is screen damage. Replacing the screen can be very expensive, so this article will show you how to repair the phone screen at a low cost.

Use of Baking Soda ( Repairing Cell Phone Screen )

This solution is only suitable for severe screen damage. Depending on how you use this method to repair a damaged phone screen, you may need to make a paste of two parts of baking soda and one part of water. This will make a thick paste. Pick it with a cloth and softly wipe the screen with it. If you do this carefully and correctly, it should solve the problem for a while, until you have enough time to switch screens.

Use of Toothpaste ( Repairing Cell Phone Screen )

You may have heard that toothpaste can be used to repair damaged mobile phone screens, and you want to know if this is true or not. Well, if you are dealing with tiny marks or small scratches around the edges of the screen, toothpaste can help you reduce the obvious degree of screen damage.

Some people think this is one of the cheapest ways to repair a broken screen, but this is called a temporary repair and is done by sliding a cotton swab and a small piece of toothpaste and wet fingers on the screen. Make sure that it will not stick in the headphone jack, buttons, or other ports or openings on the device.

Replace Screen Yourself

If you are the type of person who wants to repair your phone yourself, you may not care if the warranty is maintained or not, but it still doesn’t hurt to know if you will pick it up.

If you are not familiar with repairing modern electronic semiconductor components, you may lack the professional tools needed to complete the task. Fortunately, iFixit sells a convenient kit that contains almost everything you need except iOpener, which is a heating tube that is attached to the phone to soften the glue.


Use of Vegetable Oil ( Repairing Cell Phone Screen )

Oil process like Vaseline or any other petroleum. It cannot repair a cracked screen, but it will make it less obvious. And it can only be used in small cracks and cannot cause serious damage to the screen.

  • Rub the screen with a clean cloth.
  • Wrap the index finger with a clean lint-free cloth and lightly moisten it with a little oil.
  • Swab it on the scratch. This will fill in the cracks and make it less obvious, but you may have to repeat this operation regularly until you switch screens.

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Contact with Customer Care

No matter which brand you are using, there is official customer service for repairing and replacing your equipment, regardless of whether it is within the warranty period. You must find them because they are professionals trained by the manufacturer and no one knows better than them how to repair your phone screen. For these experts, this is not a trial-and-error game. This means seizing the opportunity and doing it right.

Carlcare is an expert service care brand that provides official support for Infinix, TECNO, and itel smartphone users, and provides mobile phone repair and technical services in various places. Apple users can contact Apple Support, and they are always ready to help.


It is not recommended repairing a damaged mobile phone display by yourself, because if you are not careful, other parts may be damaged. In addition, any attempt to solve the problem yourself may break the warranty period of the phone, and if you fix it, you will incur additional costs. The above solutions are some simple tricks that can make cracks less obvious.

Make sure you have a screen protector this time and put it on your screen. It will not give you headaches and save a few dollars in your wallet.

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