Apple’s iPhone X is all set to make new records in the industry – A sneak peek into this

Since the last few weeks, there are several reports which revealed that the sales of iPhone X, which is Apple’s 4 month old ‘till-now-best-product’, have been sluggish and slow enough. However, everything might just not turn out to be what it apparently seems. In the last few days, there have been many reports which have said that the iPhone division of Apple is not in trouble as was suggested previously.

There is one analyst who believes that Apple will just get the advantage of one huge uptick when consumers will upgrade their older iPhones and this will lead to the setting of new sales records in the approaching quarters and will ultimately become the first company in the world to set a market value of $1 trillion.

Roundup of the biggest rumors and news from the world of Apple

There were furious customers who suddenly boycotted the software and hardware of the company over a video channel NRA (National Rifle Association) and then it was the first time that the iPhone maker confirmed the fact that they’re depending on Google for its fundamental services. Here are few rumors and news from the world of Apple.

  • As per recent reports, customers might upgrade around 350 million iPhones to the newer models within the upcoming 12 to 18 months. Reports from the investors also ensure that the revenue earned by Apple iPhone will reach new highs during that span of time and shares of Apple will keep soaring, pushing the company closer to $1 trillion, which in itself is a milestone which Apple is probably going to reach way before Amazon.
  • The people from Apple have accepted the fact that the iCloud services of Apple relied on the Google cloud platform. Apple acknowledged the fact that few iCloud user data which includes contact details and events is stored on the rival cloud service of Google. Apple said that the data is encrypted and Google can’t see any kind of information about its users.
  • Famous investor, Warren Buffet informed CNBC that Berkshire Hathaway has obtained the highest number of Apple shares than any other business in 2017. He also added that the ecosystem of software and hardware of Apple makes it lucrative and this is what solidifies the success of the company. However, he said that he will never probably buy an iPhone because he seems to be happy and content with his flip phone.
  • Apple had shipped more than 8 million Apple watches in the 4th quarter, as per IDC, market research firm. This figure had increased from 5 million in the same quarter, a year back, as per the report. The report also added that there is no other wearable gadget manufacturer which had a market share that was close to Apple’s. The other device making companies, when combined, shipped 30 million wearables during that same time period.
  • The brand new Samsung Galaxy S9 comes along with the best-ever smartphone screen which ever was released by any company. The company even tested the screen of S9 and awarded it with the highest A+ grade. They also added that the color and accuracy of S9’s screen is perfect and it is brighter than any display of other smartphones. Previously it was the iPhone X from Apple which held the crown of having the best screen.

Therefore, if you seem to have boycotted Apple due to few reasons, you need not fret as Apple is still going to generate enough revenue in the industry.


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