Acer Predator G9-793: The Perfect Gaming Laptop for Hardcore Gamers

The power of today’s gaming computers is astounding. With the development and innovations of computing technologies, gaming laptops improved and gained popularity as these laptops provided the portability factor to hardcore gamers which were not present in old, bulky desktops and laptops. Therefore, the Acer Predator G9-793 will be a wise investment for people who are looking to purchase a reliable full-HD gaming laptop on a mid-range budget.

In the gaming sector, Acer has earned some degree of reputation and credibility. This Acer Predator series is a fantastic gaming laptop, however, the manufacturer has already introduced several laptops with unique graphics. It comes with the standard DY502 charging cable and all the customary user guides.

This gaming laptop’s lightness makes it far more powerful and adaptable. This Predator laptop is typically more portable than a standard laptop because it is lighter and slimmer.

Acer Predator G9-793:

This fantastic portable gaming laptop is manufactured by the famous brand Acer. Acer is a very well-known computer manufacturing company, and its manufactured laptops and desktops are the best laptops in the market with distinct visuals.

The Predator G9-793 laptop from Acer has a price between $1799 and $2999. This laptop is available at a variety of affordable prices. This is a very upgraded laptop for hardcore gamers. This Predator laptop is a perfect choice and feasible for those who are serious and enthusiastic gamers.

General Specifications:

Many distinct features make this gaming laptop unique, versatile, and powerful. Some attributes of the Predator G9-793 are the cooling system, the alternative fans available, good RAM, and powerful storage. The general specifications of this perfect gaming laptop are listed below:

Brand nameAcer
Model name                      Predator G9-793
Weight4.25 kilograms
CPU Model               Core i7
Battery 90 Wh
Operating SystemWindows 10


The processor of this Predator laptop is very fast, strong, and powerful. Its processor is manufactured by Intel®. The speed of the processor on this gaming laptop is about 2.80 GHz. The model number of the laptop’s processor is i7-7700HQ. The perfect processor core is four cores or quad-core. Its updated processor made it more powerful for hardcore gamers.


The storage capacity of Acer Predator G9-793 is 1 terabyte. The drive storage capability is about 256 GB. The type for the optical drive is the DVD drive. The strong interface of the solid drive is Serial ATA/600. This storage capacity is enough for gamers.

Display screen

The 17.3-inch display screen looks more attractive and perfect for hardcore gamers. It has full HD screen quality. The powerful resolution of the screen is 3840 x 2160 pixels. The best technology is used for the screen to display. The LED is used for backlighting.


The standard connection for Predator G9-793 is wireless LAN. The Gigabit Ethernet technology is present in this famous gaming laptop.


The perfect long-lasting battery capacity of the Acer Predator G9-793 is 6000 mAh. The run time of this laptop’s battery is three hours.  The lithium-ion is present in the battery which makes it a more powerful battery. The eight-battery cells are present in the laptop’s battery.


The slots present in a laptop are 4. The jack for the microphone is present in the laptop. The jack for headphones is also present in the Laptop.


The memory capacity of this Predator laptop is about 32 GB. The maximum capacity of the memory is 64GB. The features of the memory card and reader are also supported by this laptop. The four memory slots are present in the Laptop. The type of RAM of this Predator gaming laptop is DDR4.

Best Design and Performance of Acer Predator G9-793:

People may run a variety of software and apps with efficient power distribution because of the advanced systems and processes of the Predator laptop. Strong graphics are essential to a gaming device, and hardcore gamers can be sure that their laptop will handle all of their program’s activities. The Predator G9-793 has strong graphics and great performance that help greatly in playing games.

The keyboard buttons of this laptop still have a pleasant feel and penetrate the frame deeply. The big trackpad works nicely with standard gestures, touches, and motions. It is good that all ports are situated on the corners and at the back of the laptop.

It allows hardcore gamers to play all of their favorite games with graphics that are incredibly realistic and clear. They may use several programs at once due to a large number of storage without experiencing any glitches or poor performance.


The layout of the fans toward the backside is also a minor modification. It has a proper laptop cooling system. It has proper 4 speakers and 2 woofers to produce good quality sound for games. Although it rarely causes a significant nuisance, running intense programs often causes the fans to become loud.

This fantastic gaming laptop has a beautifully designed triangular button for power. When Laptop has switched on then beautiful red color light glows. The system consists of by 4 sizable rubberized feet on the edges and one plastic foot in the center of the bottom surface.

This has some very unique physical characteristics. The height of this Predator G9-793 laptop is 1.56’’. The width is about 16.7 inches. The depth of the laptop is 12.7 inches. The turbo speed of the laptop is 3.80 GHz.

Warranty Card

The Predator G9-793 is guaranteed by a 2-year return policy from Acer, which also has a Predator helpline. Hardcore gamers are very happy with the design of this predator laptop, especially the solid frame, pleasant trackpad, and keys.

Price of the Acer Predator G9-793

The price of this Acer Predator G9-793 laptop is very suitable, and it can be affordable for all hardcore gamers. The price ranges between 220,000 and 230,000 rupees.

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