5 Ways To Boost Your WiFi Signal Strength And Connectivity

Very slow browsing, inability to stream YouTube videos, dropped internet signals and wireless dead zones are some of the common internet connectivity issues that are annoying in this digital world where getting online is as important as breathing.

Wifi is one of the innovative developments in the evolution of the internet in this advanced era of life and no one wants to be shackled to the wired internet connection. If you are overwhelmed by slow browsing, poor WiFi signal strength, or other wireless internet issues, below are some ways you can effectively power up the internet speed in your home.

1- Update Your Router Firmware

Most of the WiFi issues are associated with outdated WiFi router firmware and a quick update can help you get rid of such issues. Manufacturers are always tweaking the software to provide their customers with excellent internet connectivity. That is the reason, you should update your router on a regular basis to ensure better signal strength and high-speed wireless internet connectivity across all your mobile devices. Most of the new WiFi routers come with the update process built into the administration interface and update their firmware by hitting the firmware update button. If you are using an old router, you may need to visit the manufacturer’s website to find out and install updated firmware to experience better internet speed.

2- Ensure Optimal Router Placement

As not, all the rooms and home spaces are constructed equally, where you place the WiFi router can affect your wireless coverage and connectivity. The center of your home is the best place to keep your router as it will provide a better and equal signal strength to all the rooms and spaces of your home. Experts say that wireless internet routers need open spaces far from walls and obstacles so they can throw signals properly. Don’t put this black box in a cabinet or behind the book rack if you really want to enjoy better internet connectivity and strong WiFi signals. Make sure there are no heavy-duty home appliances and other electronics near your router as they can impact the overall performance of your WiFi router. Some ISPs offer better routers than others, so search “internet providers for my address” for a list of the best in your area.

3- Choose a new Wi-Fi channel

Switching your WiFi router from a by default 2.4 GHz channel to a 5GHz channel can help you improve the internet speed. The higher WiFi channel provides you with more bandwidth and reduces interference to make the internet speed better. As 5 GHz offers 23 non-overlapping channels, it could reduce the number of other users on the same frequency so you can enjoy boosted speed and better connectivity. If you are using an old router that is limited to 2.4 GHz, then choose a channel between 1,6 and 11.

4- Use a Wireless Range Extender

Distance is one of the common obstacles when you are experiencing poor internet speed or bad signal issues. As there is a certain range limit that wireless signals can travel, if you are out of that range, you cannot enjoy strong WiFi signals. If there is a larger area in your home where you want wireless internet signals to travel, a wireless range extender can help you a lot in this matter. These are the best devices for bigger homes that are too big for a single WiFi router. They are similar to routers but work differently from them. Wireless range extenders pick up the signals of your existing WiFi router and rebroadcast them to provide you with an extended range of WiFi signals. Once successfully connected with your router, a wireless range extender works as another client with an IP address to help you enjoy strong signals and better wireless internet connectivity.

5- Invest in a High-End Router

If you are still facing poor internet connectivity and browsing issues right after trying the above-mentioned ways to boost your WiFi signal strength, your router might be the root cause. Invest in a newer and high-end router to enjoy better wireless internet speed. There are a lot of WiFi routers available in the market and you can choose one according to your individual needs. A new router with updated firmware will not only provide you with higher speed internet but will also offer home security features to ensure foolproof network security. Additional network security features help you make your smart home more secure and safer.

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