5 Tips To Track Project Workflow With Ease

Imagine you just bagged a great project, and you have even planned how the finished project will look. Moreover, your super awesome team stands with you as rock-solid support. But, as you kick start your project, you notice that things are going haywire. However, if we say that you can automate your project workflow and business process and track your project? Wouldn’t it be great?

Well, you can always use project estimation software and time tracking software to keep your projects in good order.

Did you know, 15% of projects are considered to be total failures? Besides, the ones that are considered successful fail to meet time commitments and lack some aspect of product delivery.

While project tracking sounds simple, it requires sincere efforts on your team’s part. Creating timelines, having visibility, and checking in with your team are just a few things you need to do to keep your project workflow in check.

Before we move on to tips that can help you estimate the time spent on each activity, let us understand the challenges in tracking project progress.

Issues Faced in Tracking Project Progress

While staying up to date with project progress is essential, here are a few issues you might face.

  • Projects are often not planned and suffer due to poor documentation.
  • Task allocation is random, and employee workload is not taken into account
  • Many projects lack proper communication, and so everyone is not on the same page.
  • Lack of communication leads to unnecessary delays and impacts the quality of projects
  • Teams don’t use time tracking and project estimation software to track projects.
  • Lack of knowledge regarding automation tools.

5 Tips To Track Project Progress Effectively

Here are some tips you can use to effectively manage project progress.

1. Team Collaboration

Well, every teammate has the same goal, and that is project success. Luckily, you can use project estimation software to set meetings, discuss your vision, and get your team’s input. Your team members must be aligned with project goals as they are the ones who will help you achieve them. Similarly, you can use time tracking software to ensure that you follow timelines.

2. Use Reports to Measure Project Progress

Time tracking software and project estimation software let you generate reports and stay updated on projects in real-time. You no longer need to do lengthy calculations and panic due to deadlines. All you need is a few clicks, and you can get access to accurate information.

3. Establish Clear Goals

Well, it is not possible to achieve goals if they have not been set in the first place. However, goals that are clear, measurable, and achievable can be achieved.

Realistic– Make sure you keep things realistic at all times. Don’t make promises to clients that you will not be able to fulfill. Instead, use time tracking software to estimate the time spent on each activity and then only sign the deal with your clients.

Clear– Well, if people in your team don’t have clarity on project goals, your project is set for failure. Make sure you brief your team well, and your teammates are clear on all aspects.

Measurable– When it comes to managing projects, you cannot depend on vague claims. Instead, you need to have clear timelines, have accountability, and quantifiable indicators in place to ensure you fulfill your promises.

4. Have Visibility

The best way to ensure project success is to ensure that progress is visible to everyone. When your team sees the goals they have achieved, they will be motivated to do more.

Project estimation software lets you create project phases and cards for each task. Moreover, these cards give out project status in real-time, and you can move cards to the next phases as and when you complete tasks.

In this manner, each team member understands their task dependencies, late tasks, and what needs to be done next. You can also use time tracking software to ensure that your teammates stay on deadlines.

5. Understand Team Needs

Well, as time progresses and you get in the grind, you might forget to check on your team and understand their issues. To address team issues, you can schedule meetings with project estimation software and not wait until deadlines are missed. It’s best to be proactive than reactive.

Make it a point to use time tracking software to understand the tasks that are likely to be delayed and then collectively address them with your team.

Wrapping Up

A quality time tracking solution and project management software can make your project even better. Armed with efficient tracking capabilities, these tools allow seamless tracking and let you focus on core business issues.


Khatak is a tech writer and covering some latest tech trends in the world. Also writing and publishing some business ideas.

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