5 Industries Which Are Already Using Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

Are you a gamer or a video game freak? If answered yes, you would definitely be familiar with augmented reality and virtual reality which are very soon going to change the entertainment industry. But if you thought that entertainment is the only industry where VR and AR are making intrusion, you’re mistaken. There are many other industries that have already adapted VR and AR in order to increase their performance and get the best of both worlds.

But amidst all this, it seems that the Internet of Things is gradually fading in terms of priority. People and companies are all more interested in AR and VR rather than IoT and this is becoming a concern among most trend analysts. Nevertheless, this article will tell you about the different industries that are going to welcome AR and VR.

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#1: The Education industry

There are several methods that all levels of education can utilize and they’re already using both augmented and virtual reality. Google announced in 2015, Expeditions which was a VR platform built for classrooms in many schools. Students could use Cardboard to go for guided tours to their favorite places of interest like Spain, Barcelona, and all other inaccessible places. In higher education, VR opened a learning center for medical students which had different tools including a table for dissection. They could wear 3D glasses and cut the parts of the human body with the help of a stylus.

#2: The Healthcare Industry

We are aware of the fact that Virtual Reality has already been in use for many years now in the healthcare industry. There is a VR experience named Snow World which assists burn victims deal with the extremely tough rehabilitation process and wound care by distracting them into a snowy environment where penguins throw snowballs at each other. In one more case, VR could help with phantom limb pain or the pain which is experienced by amputees and which usually originates in the limb which is cut off.

#3: Air and space industry

During the 1960s, Tom Furness was considered the grandfather of Virtual Reality as he discovered many VR solutions to solve issues pilots had in the cockpit. The military also uses VR and AR technology in a very similar manner. In the space industry, NASA has been using Virtual Reality at the Houston Space Center and they are training astronauts for a spacewalk since 1992.

#4: The Journalism industry

It was in late 2015 that they saw the New York Times embrace a 360-degree video to relate stories to journalists. There was also a startup that focused entirely on VR journalism. Journalists usually struggle with how best they can bring readers to places which they may not be able to go and how to make them comprehend events. For example, the refugee crisis was very well produced through the 360videos.

#5: The Travel Industry

Do you wish to go and visit a location in virtual reality? This feature could help possible travelers to make decisions like where they wanted to visit, which hotel they wanted to book, and other details. Companies like Marriott are now trying to figure out the use of VR. They allowed users to teleport to some skyscraper in London or to some Hawaiian beach or check out Marriott hotel rooms in those locations.

This is the way in which VR and AR are gaining popularity. Hence, you should always take a look at the bigger picture in order to get a clear idea of how these tech updates are being welcomed by the different industries.


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