3 Major Reasons Why No One is Watching Your Videos

Are you confused after making a bunch of videos that why is no one watching your video content? Yeah, it could be frustrating and discouraging even after knowing that video marketing is one of the great ways to get more leads and sales as well.

As a video marketer or vloger, the world around you could incredibly be thrilling when a big number of people watching, sharing and responding to your video content but no views on your videos could be horrible.

There can be a lot of reasons why no one is watching your videos and most important of them are listed below in this article so you can quickly come up in order to get huge from your video content.

Making and uploading your videos on Youtube or any other platform is not enough because they won’t add value to your business or brand if nobody’s viewing them.

Here are guaranteed reasons why people are not watching your videos and proven tricks to get more views on your video content.

#1 Your videos are too long

According to a research, a typical internet user spends the total amount of 16 minutes viewing video ads on the internet in a single month.

Lengthy video content could be one of the reasons why no one is watching your video and can be causing that potential viewer to pass them by instead of viewing.

How to fix

As a video marketer, you should try to make your videos with a length of maximum 5 minutes in order to grab the attention of more viewers to watch.

Here I am not talking about remaking all your old lengthy videos but you should apply this on new content because chances are higher that one of your lengthier videos can probably be viewed in series of new short videos.

#2 People are failing to find them

People can’t watch your video content until they find them.  And if your videos are not reaching the audience you want to reach then surely there is lack of an effective video description and tags etc.

In addition, you can also add your business or website link in the description in order to make a big difference.

How to fix

In order to make your video content easily searchable in YouTube or over the web, you should create a description that is rich in keywords and tags that may include LSI keywords.

By doing so, you will get high chances of getting your videos in the “related videos” section of the YouTube to get organic views.

#3 You don’t the audience

In this age of high competition, videos don’t go viral by themselves but your audience makes them viral.

If a video has built some impetus in very few starting seconds, your videos will have a great shot at getting the views you were hoping for and it would be possible only if you know your audience better.

How to fix

Have a glance often at the people that frequently engage in your videos by commenting or sharing them on different social media platforms or in person.

Maintain personal contact with them and ask them for the feedback in order to get things better than before.

They will remember you longer if you have started a conversation regarding your work and their reviews about work done by you.


Noman Sarwar

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