24 Of The Best Films To Watch on Netflix UK

Best Movies On Netflix UK

With the internet on our finger tips and the option to watch whatever we want, there are some times when we simply can’t decide what we should watch. Either we don’t know what kind of movie we want to see or we don’t want to go through another boring film only to end up regretting the 2 hours of waste of time. Netflix can be a real help if you don’t know what to watch this weekend but it mainly focuses on your search history which means if you are trying to break the pattern, you need to do some research and find out the movies that might interest you. Look no further as below is the list of top 24 movies that you can watch right now on Netflix UK.

best films to watch on Netflix UK

24 best movies on Netflix UK:

  1. Steve Jobs:
    If you remember 2010 movie ‘Social Networking’ just because it showed you roughly how Facebook was invented, you wouldn’t remember seeing Steve Jobs in the movie as well. The reason most people don’t remember his character in the movie is because it wasn’t portrayed very well and it was kept aside while focusing on Mark, the co-inventor of Facebook. Steve Jobs is a movie on the CEO of Apple ‘Steve Jobs’ who single handedly changed how the world uses smartphones and other gadgets. This movie shows how he used to come up with the new and innovative ideas and if you like serious drama movies, this can be a very interesting project for you to watch.
  2. Midnight Special:
    This is a movie that shows the close bond between a father and son. The son has some special powers. These powers are the reason that a cult group is after the young boy and the father tries to protect his son from the weird and satanic rituals. Just to make the plot more intense, the government agencies are also in pursuit of the boy to conduct research on his powers. If that is not enough to get you, Michael Shannon is playing the role of the father and this name is a good sign of high quality cinema.
  3. When Harry met Sally:
    Some people consider this movie as boring but majority considers it as one of the best romantic movies starring Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal. Both of these names can assure you that you are in for a special treat. The story revolves around Harry and Sally who keep bumping into each other without noticing that they are somehow made for each other till the end of the movie where they break up with their partners and meet for the last time to never go apart. Even after 28 years of release, it is hard to find such a romantic movie.
  4. Looper:
    Bruce Willis is the name that can guarantee the movie is going to have lots of action and fights and car chases but this movie is somehow different in a way. An aged person played by Bruce Willis travels back in time to kill himself while he is still young. This movie includes the perfect combination of time travelling, car chasing, weird technology that is awaiting us in the future and the emotional roller costar between the same young and old person.
  5. The Martian:
    This is one of the best movies of all time as it’s interesting, funny, dramatic and sad at the same time. The plot of this movie revolves around a team that goes to Mars for research work. A storm comes and they have to leave the planet without 1 member who is already dead only to find out that he wasn’t in fact dead. Matt Damon is playing the part of Mark Watney who finds himself along on Mars and somehow he has to work with the available equipment to contact NASA’s officials and cultivate potatoes indoor to grow food for up to 1 year of stay.
  6. Gerald’s Game:
    It’s hard to find a movie that is scary but still has some sophistication in the plot and not just showing blood and guts on the floor. Carla Gugino is playing Jessie who is handcuffed to the bed as Gerald; her husband had a heart attack right in the middle of a weird sex act. Getting out of the handcuffs is not the only problem but there are some wild animals outside the room sniffing for her blood. The real story is how she is going to keep her sanity while try to free herself before the dogs breakdown the door.best movies on Netflix UK
  7. Pulp Fiction:
    For some people, Face Off includes the best work of John Travolta but Pulp Fiction takes his character and role play to another level. This is a true piece of art that you need to watch this summer. It has the perfect combination of team work, cruelty and action with lots of shooting, chasing and fighting. As a plus point, Samuel L Jackson is playing the role of his partner in all the actions that will keep you on the edge of your seats for the whole time.
  8. Titanic:
    It would be absolutely cruelty if we have to convince you to watch this master piece from director James Cameron and this is the second highest grossing movie of all time in the history of Hollywood. Despite the fact that it is about a sinking ship and you already know how the movie is going to end, it still keeps you involved with the characters and like most of us.
  9. Zero Dark Thirty:
    There have been some movies about the operation conducted in Pakistan for the arrest or capture of Osama Bin Laden but not every movie has the seriousness in the plot as Zero Dark Thirty. This movie revolves around the hard work of CIA team that worked for months before the exact location of Bin Laden was confirmed and then special agents go on a suicide mission to capture the one and only most wanted terrorist in the world.
  10. The Revenant:
    This is the movie that got Leonardo DiCaprio the Oscar award of best actor. This movie revolves around the plot where DiCaprio is trying to get revenge on someone who once left him to die but somehow he gathered the courage to stay alive and go after that same person. From being the best dramatic movie of the year, it includes the struggle of a person full of rage in between the freezing cold and wild animals.
  11. The Terminal:
    This is one of the best movies of all time and it has the best performance from Tom Hanks. Just to get the idea of how good of an actor he can be, get this; Hanks is playing the role of Viktor Navorski who enters USA just to fulfill the last wish of his late father. The movie takes a sudden turn when he is held at the airport because his country is in middle of a war which means he can’t go back or enter the streets of New York. The most interesting thing about this movie is that he doesn’t speak English and somehow he manages to stay at the airport for more than 6 months.
  12. What Happened to Monday:
    This is a Sci-Fi movie that is shot in the distance future where technology is much more sophisticated than now. This is a time where population of earth has reached its limit so the government passes a law that each couple can only have 1 child. In this time, a couple somehow ends up with 7 kids but they don’t want to reveal it to the outside world so for each day of the week, only 1 child is allowed to go outside.
  13. Okja:
    This is a South Korean movie that revolves around the story of a young girl trying to keep her friend, a giant pig alive and safe from the outside world. Despite the fact that the movie doesn’t have lots of big actors but the story just revolves around the same young girl made it almost impossible to be recognizable on international level but somehow the great work of the director and the emotional acting of the main character made it one of the best movies of the year.
  14. Bridge of Spies:
    This is a true work of art directed by Steven Spielberg and it includes one of the best performances from Tom Hanks. The story is very simply; an American spy is caught during the Cold War at its peak and somehow the task of getting him free of all charges and out the warzone falls on the shoulders of a Lawyer, James Donovan played by Tom Hanks.best movies on Netflix
  15. You’ve Got Mail:
    During the 90s, Meg Ryan was the most popular and one of the most beautiful actresses of Hollywood. Even if she was the dream girl for millions of people, her extraordinary career in the film industry had nothing to do with her good looks but it was the result of her mind blowing performance and the attachment to each character. You’ve Got Mail is a masterpiece of all time. This is a romantic movie that revolves around Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks as rival business owners and the fact that they write emotional and romantic emails to each other without any knowledge of each other.
  16. John Wick:
    When it comes to action movies, there are only few names that can guarantee the success of a movie and Keanu Reeves is one of them. The story of this film is very simple. John Wick is retired and lives a peaceful life after the death of his wife when someday the son of a gangster steals his car and his dog. This makes John Wick go all wild up and seek revenge to get the car and the dog back from the mafia.
  17. Shawshank Redemption:
    If you haven’t watched this movie, you are one of the few lucky ones who don’t know exactly how great this movie is. Most of us have watched it dozens of times and every time we hope to have forgotten the story so we can enjoy it from the scratch but the plot is so interesting and unique that it leaves a permanent mark on your memory and you would never want to go back. The story seems very simple as a prisoner tries to break the prison and go free but when it includes actors like Morgan Freeman and Andy Dufresne, it’s much more complicated than that.
  18. Hacksaw Ridge:
    The story of this movie revolves around the main character ‘Desmond Doss’ who is a paramedic and goes to Okinawa during the war with Japanese. What makes it so interesting is that during the beginning of his career in the army, he denies to get the training of gun shooting. He declares that he wants to join the army for saving people’s lives so he doesn’t need to carry a gun even if he will be in the middle of the warzone.
  19. It Follows:
    Despite the 1 and half hour investment of time in the movie, you wouldn’t know what the movie is about and what kind of creature of illness is getting people sick. Yes, it is a horror film that shows how people get sick of an unknown disease and die but the interesting part is that when someone knows he or she has the illness, they can just transfer it to someone else and let them die.
  20. Gone Girl:
    We have seen some of the most impressive movies from Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike but when you combine their performances in one film, you end up with Gone Girl. It was one of the most interesting and intense movies of the year. The plot revolves around a married couple who soon run out of things to talk to each other so the husband get involved with someone younger and even if he doesn’t know, the wife finds out. Rather than just getting divorce from him, she plans to vanish and let him be accused of her murder only to end soon end up without any money and the need to go back to him for survival.
  21. The Big Short:
    If you only know Brad Pitt to be suited for action movies, you will be amazed of his acting skills in this serious and intense drama film about the Wall Street and how people make profit out of it. The story of this movie is about a group of people who make lots of money during the financial crisis of 2008. It’s not something that will keep you on the edge of your seats but you will surely enjoy the humor and serious moments in between the main characters including Ryan Gosling and Steve Carell.
  22. Panic Room:
    This movie starts Judie Foster and she gives the performance of her life in this movie. The story is very simply and it starts when she moves to a new home and during the initial tour, she was shown a panic room that can save her and her daughter in case of any danger i.e. robbery. Ironically, on the same night, some thieves enter the house and by the time they realize that there is someone in the house, she sees them on CCTV cameras and gets herself and her daughter to the panic room. Then it’s time to survive and let someone know that she is trapped in the room.
  23. Train to Busan:
    This is a yet another brilliant movie from South Korea that includes a simple story of a zombie apocalypse but still manages to catch out attention and takes us to another level. A father is travelling with his daughter and taking him from Seoul to Busan when suddenly some virus causes people on the train to turn into zombies and then it’s all about how he manages to keep his daughter safe from all the dangers.
  24. Home Alone:
    What will happen if you go out on a trip and you forget one of your kids back at home? It seems unrealistic that parents can forget their child at home while going away for a vacation to a different country but this movie captures all the events that lead up to the point where a young boy is left alone at home. First he feels happy that he doesn’t have to deal with anyone but soon he realizes that somehow he has to keep 2 burglars out of the home and the real story is how he manages to keep them away with his little tricks and pranks.

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