10 Popular Small Business Survey Tools

The main objective of any business is to fulfill the client’s requirements. Small organizations, as well as large companies, utilize clients’ feedback. Surveys assist you with gathering that detailed vital data to make bug decisions. Overviews resemble how a doctor takes your blood for a diagnosis. By inspecting a selected part, organizations grasp the feelings, inspiration, and emotional cycles of those they are reviewing.

Moreover, getting people to finish up studies can be challenging for most entrepreneurs and fledging marketers. Creating, distributing, and assessing online surveys might be straightforward with suitable small-company survey tools.

What is Survey Tool?

A survey tool is software that permits you to make and convey many surveys momentarily. It will provide a few model inquiries with the choice of a tweaked layout. It is the data that figures out your assets and areas of progress. Most private companies use survey tools to incorporate different review formats.

10 Popular Small Business Survey Tools

That is not a great explanation; some famous private company survey tools make it simple to make, send and examine custom surveys.

  1. SurveyMonkey
  2. SoGoSurvey
  3. Google Forms
  4. WPForms
  5. Typeform
  6. Zoho Survey
  7. JotForm
  8. SurveyPlanet
  9. Alchemer
  10. QuestionPro


SurveyMonkey is a central study and feedback of the managerial solution, empowering many clients across over 300,000 associations to gather input, decipher the outcomes, and recognize significant experiences to drive development and growth.

SurveyMonkey’s power relies on the tool’s coherence. It allows you to plan and redo surveys, run them through various channels, analyze results, and export and integrate data. Many pricing plans are available, with Team Advantage being the least expensive. It permits command over survey sharing, team analysis, shared resource library, custom designs, and available data export. Every survey can incorporate up to 10 inquiries and get the desirable 40 responses.


Team Plans

  • Team Advantage: $25 per month
  • Team Premier: $75 per month
  • Enterprise: Contact sales

Individual Plans

  • Premier Annual: $99 per month
  • Advantage Annual: $34 per month
  • Standard Monthly: $35 per month


  • Contact Sales


  1. Survey templates
  2. Enterprise-grade features
  3. SPSS integration
  4. Custom reporting and Text analysis
  5. Consolidated account management
  6. Net Promoter Score
  7. Answer Validation
  8. Design Themes and Survey Links
  9. Filter and cross-tabbing
  10. Export Results to Excel and PDF


SoGoSurvey is an intense study that satisfies itself as a single-click survey creation software. Reviews made by the tool can be shared and downloaded with the framework creating survey results much more apparent. You can directly convert your thoughts into surveys using the pre-built templates. It is a feature-loaded tool with 600 functionalities to assist you with making exact survey results like clockwork.

You can use the tool to formulate and reexamine your questionnaire. However, what is noteworthy about this tool is that it can keep questions concealed until they are required. You can see the reviews on cell phones, tablets, PCs, MacBooks, or laptops. Multiple companies such as Apple, IBM, Marriot, and Sony use this tool. Yet, it has a suitable plan for any business.


SoGoCX: Call for pricing

Basic: Free for life

Plus: $299 per year

Pro: $199 per month

Premium: $299 per month

Enterprise: Call for pricing

SoGoEX: Call for pricing


  1. Brand Design Consistency
  2. Survey Deployment
  3. Feedback Collection
  4. Device Responsiveness
  5. Feedback Aggregation
  6. Trigger Alerts
  7. Real-time Analysis
  8. Security
  9. System Monitoring

Google Forms

Google Forms is another free, primary method for gathering feedback from your representatives, audience, or clients. It is effortless to understand and accompanies the capacity to modify your survey with a photograph, logo, and brand tones. Forms convey a configuration that makes it simple to survey your information: either view the reactions in Forms or commodity your data to Google Sheets for more profound analysis.

Google Forms is jam-loaded for specific features. These incorporate creating limitless online studies for multiple responses. You will also get automated data from Google Sheets, many topic themes, etc. And the best part is that these elements are accessible.


Free trial: Not Available

Free version: Available


  1. Templates
  2. Question Formats
  3. Conditional Logic
  4. Theme Customizations
  5. File Upload
  6. Reporting and Analysis
  7. Quiz Features


WPForms is no doubt the best WordPress structure-building plugin available. It is one of the best popular business survey tools. Moreover, the way it accompanies a solid and straightforward to utilize Surveys and Polls addon make it the #1 online survey tool. To make exceptionally captivating WordPress reviews, you can use multiple WPForms features like drag & drop form builder, form templates, responsive mobile friendly, etc. You will get customizable questionnaires and ask vast questions to get the absolute most information.


Basic: $49.50 per year

Plus: $99.50 per year

Pro: $199.50 per year

Elite: $299.50 per year


  1. Drag and Drop Form Builder
  2. Form Templates
  3. Responsive Mobile Friendly
  4. Smart Conditional Logic
  5. Instant Notifications
  6. Entry Management
  7. Payments Made Easy
  8. Marketing and Subscriptions
  9. Easy to Embed
  10. Spam Protection


Typeform is a flexible and exquisite small business survey tool used to direct reviews and make different forms to gather information. The moderate and recognized design of the device makes it one of the market’s favorite small business review software.

Suppose you have any desire to run lovely, on-brand conversational surveys; Typeform is there for you. It allows you to configure outwardly fascinating surveys, structures, tests, polls, and quizzes that are difficult to rum and enjoyable. You can disseminate them through chats, email, sites, or web applications. While surveys are Typeform’s core item, the organization likewise gives a no-code chatbot and a video application that powers asynchronous close and personal discussions.


Free Plan: free to collect 100 responses

Basic: $29 per month ($25 annually)

Plus: $59 per month ($50 annually)

Business: $99 per month ($83 annually)


  1. Unlimited forms and surveys
  2. Logic Jump feature
  3. Data Export Options
  4. Hidden fields
  5. Design own themes
  6. Option to use templates
  7. Answer Piping
  8. 128-bit SSL encryption
  9. Connector to over 200 services
  10. Pricing Calculator

Zoho Survey

Budget is consistently a variable for small companies, so Zoho Survey should have a place in your top choices. It includes limitless surveys, ten inquiries, and one hundred responses. The tools also come up with more than 200 layouts and support social sharing, ongoing responses, and web embedding. You can also secure your business using HTTP encryption and password protection.

The tool is relatively new to the survey industry but has grown uniquely. The fast growth gave Zoho Survey an increase in popularity. It provides better offers than the rivals that have been around longer in the same industry. Like different bundles, you might have to focus on the paid forms to give you the adaptability and elements to make your survey as solid as you desire.


Free: $0

Plus: $35 per month ($25/ month annually)

Pro: $49 per month ($35/ month annually)

Enterprise: $109 per month ($75/ month annually)


  1. Share Surveys
  2. Survey Questions
  3. Secure Surveys
  4. Integrations
  5. Advanced Reporting
  6. Custom Themes
  7. Collect Responses
  8. Improved Responses
  9. Survey Branding


JotForm is a laid-out name among online survey tools – particularly those free tools. With a simple point of interaction and sans code execution, the device permits you to run, appropriate and break down studies, structures, or PDFs. Suppose you want a particular design for event enrollment, work application, or café request collection – JotForm undoubtedly takes care of you. The wide selection of formats makes it simple to launch any survey campaign.

The software is an internet-based web and email survey-building solution that intends to undermine Typeform while being considerably more straightforward. A sans coding solution that most marketing individuals ought to have the option to dominate rapidly and fill the feedback they require.


Starter: free

Bronze: $39 per month ($35/month billed annually)

Silver: $49 per month ($39/month billed annually)

Gold: $129 per month ($99/month billed annually)

Enterprise: Contact Sales


  1. Conditional Logic
  2. Prefill
  3. Mobile Features
  4. Multiple Payment Methods
  5. Loom Video
  6. Form Security Measures
  7. Messenger Button
  8. Image Gallery and Embed Options
  9. Form Translations
  10. PDF embedder


SurveyPlanet is one of the best survey tools for small businesses. It is a free online tool to create surveys that define your brand identity, including ten different survey themes. Moreover, it contains an exhaustive library of ready-to-use polls you can pick. You cannot send the outcomes to Excel with this web-based survey tool.


Free: $0 with one free license

Pro monthly subscription: $20 per month

Pro yearly subscription: $180 annually

Enterprise: $350 annually


  1. Skip Logic
  2. Survey Templates
  3. Question Library
  4. Question Branching
  5. Mobile Survey
  6. Online Survey or Kiosk Survey
  7. Email Distribution
  8. Data Analysis Tools
  9. Custom Survey URLs
  10. 360-degree feedback


Alchemer is a survey tool that helps you to plan and run surveys. You can set up client feedback work processes across the entire association, deal with your contacts, close the input circle and dissect information. Alzheimer’s core product is a self-serving review program for people and little groups. Nonetheless, if you want a sweeping client experience, the executive’s framework, Alchemer additionally offers an Enterprise Feedback Platform and Voice of the Customer and CX Automation management.


Starting Price: $49 per month


  1. Surveys
  2. Question Library
  3. Skip Logic
  4. Data Analysis Tools
  5. URL Customization
  6. Site Intercept Survey
  7. Offline Response Collection
  8. Product Feedback Management
  9. Mobile Survey


QuestionPro gives vital internet-based survey tools to assist you with pursuing better business choices. It is not difficult to utilize and incorporates tools for making, dispersing, and examining online surveys, structures, tests and polls. Its high-level features can modify the study insight, power, and complex examination. The best part is that the customer support group is accessible 24/7 to ensure your project is a triumph.


Free Trial: Available

Free: $0

Professional: $15 per month

Corporate: $75 per month


  1. Online Survey Creation
  2. Questions Library
  3. Pre-built Survey Templates
  4. Survey Reminders
  5. Offline Survey Access
  6. Drag and Drop Editor
  7. Support for Advanced Branching
  8. Response Collection via Mobile

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