Why should you care about Quora?

QuoraQuora is simply a question and answer website where you can ask a question and then get an answer to that. You must not be aware of the fact that Quora is able to drive traffic to your website, provide you with SEO benefits and build authority on all topics. If you want to know more on Quora, keep reading the concerns of this article.

Quora – What is it?

Quora was founded in the year 2009 by Charlie Cheever and Adam D’Angelo, both who were previously in Facebook. Initially it was used by people who are familiar with Silicon Valley scene. By 2010 December, few stories started recognizing more high profile and influential people like Dustin Moskovitz, co-founder of Facebook, Tristan Walker, director of Foursquare, Tim Watergren, Pandora Radio founder and also Mark Cuban, owner of Dallas Mavericks and since then this site started gaining momentum and grew exponentially.

These days, Quora is more like a hangout site as anyone can ask his questions and you will find people writing worthy answers to it. This is also a mega-website as it generated more than 100 million visitors in a month.

Why is Quora so cool?

You must be wondering about the reasons behind its popularity and what makes it so cool. If you ask about the few most surreal places to visit in the world, the users will give you credible and honest information on all the surreal places you can visit in the world. Not only will they give you answers but will also offer pictures in order to give extra insight. The awesome threads that you find there are due to its user-generated content. There are questions which get more than 2,000 responses and some of the responses include small life hacks which Google knows about you.

Quora – Why should you care about it?

This leads to an even more particular question, whether or not Quora is good for SEO. You have to instead ask this question to Quora to know whether or not it is good for SEO. Let’s take a look at few SEO benefits of Quora that you should be aware of.

  • Bing and Google show Quora results: There are some Bing and Google searches which display Quora answers in their first search position. This is why Quora is gaining more and more authority with time. Google grabs information and displays the answer with a small link and Bing displays this information. Hence, if you write a good answer and its gets voted positively, you get traffic to that post.
  • Learn the ways of the engineer: There are previous Google engineers which speak about their time at Google. The present Google engineers definitely have answers to questions that are posted on Quora and you can easily invite them to answer other questions.

Quora is not bad for SEO

Figuring out that Quora doesn’t actually offer any SEO value is a huge mistake because it seems like such a happening place. But does Quora have any other value apart from SEO? We know that SEO is valuable and also competitive and you simply can’t rely on people finding your business through Google search. This is why marketers leverage Quora to built authority and expertise and through it, they gain access to 100 million visitors in a month. As customers are also on Quora, interaction becomes lot easier.

Therefore, if you’re wondering about the ways in which Quora can help you drive traffic, consider the above mentioned points. Do your best to get the right answers to your questions so that you can easily stay on track.


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