Why People Leave Websites Too Soon

We are living in the digital world and a business website is one of the most beneficial and effective marketing tools for any brand, business or company. The official website of a business or company is usually used by customers to see what exactly the company is all about. A better and responsive website is directly linked with the higher respect and trust of the company. A fully functional and easy to navigate website incredibly contributes towards building a solid online presence and increasing the chances of converting users into valuable customers.

In order to ensure you have a user-friendly and informative business website, first of all, you need to find out what turns landed users off from your website and what needs to be fixed in order to make them stay longer.

People might be leaving your business website for following reasons, so you should fix them as effectively as possible to make users stay for a longer time on your website.

Page Load Time

Whether you are a business owner or a digital marketer paid by the company to rank a website higher in search engines, you must be aware of how people expect things in this digital world. People are always in a hurry and don’t have the patience to wait for a slow-loading website. Keep in mind that if a website takes more than 3 seconds to load, it will drastically increase the chances of people leaving your site. That is the reason, users just spend 3 seconds waiting for your web page to load and if it takes an extra second, they will instantly leave. When people leave your site quickly right after landing, it increases the bounce rate of your website and slow loading pages are one of the major reasons behind increased bounce rate.

Make sure your website is designed with high quality but compressed and properly optimized media. Also, get rid of unnecessary plugins, addons and media to make it lighter and to load faster.

Attacks With Pop-ups

‘Call to action’ on business websites is a good practice to encourage users to leave their email IDs so they would be receiving the email newsletters created with useful business details and offers. It is usually a basic step for effective email marketing. But users feel that they are under attack with a plethora of pop-ups. A lot of pop-ups on your website means users would not hang around on your website and bounce away quickly for another better option.

Poor Navigation

Poor navigation is one of the top reasons why people leave websites too soon. When they try to find something useful but are unable to do so, they are more likely to fly for another website to get exactly what they need. It is the place where businesses need to improve site navigation for their users by adding more menus, internal links and site maps to help users go through the website conveniently. Don’t make your users get lost on your website and provide them with more options to help them quickly find out what they want. Instead of filling the header, the footer and the sidebars with lots of menu options, try to use sub-menus in the main menu bar to help people explore your site effectively.

Broken Links

Browsing a site full of the products you love but finally seeing the 404 error when clicking on a link is highly disappointing. That is the reason, broken links on your own site make users leave your site soon. Plenty of broken links on your site is incredibly frustrating for users and a surefire way to make them never come back again to your site. That’s why keep checking your pages for broken links and replace them with properly working links to provide users with an excellent experience.

Irrelevant Content

Users are more likely to leave your site when they find nothing relevant to the link they have clicked. Much of the content on sites usually revolved around the target keywords. It is good to optimize content for keywords but providing your users with totally irrelevant content is the reason they leave your site instantly. You should be creating content for users not for searching engine bots as users click on your links when they think you will provide them with something of value. So, build user trust by adding the most relevant and useful content on your site to encourage them for a longer stay on your site.

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