Why PDF Documents Are Better Than Word Documents

The world has taken a major leap in the past two decades with the introduction of computers and the internet. We shifted from paper documents to electronic files.

We do everything on the computer now, from making exam papers to writing essays. Back in the day, companies had no option but to use tools like Word, MS Word, and Notepad to create files.  However, things changed with the introduction for Adobe, which introduced us to a new format of PDF.

Now the competition is between PDF and Word files. They both contribute to productivity and convenience, but PDF documents are far better and have much more to offer if experts are to be believed.

This is why many reports suggest that more people use PDF files than Word files.  Let’s check out some of the main reasons why PDFs trump Word documents:

1- Interactive

PDF files have the option to add images or videos without ruining the format of the document. This makes it more interactive and easier for people to engage with the document as constant reading can be boring and tiresome.

2- Compatibility

You can access your PDF files on any device with any problem. They work on all devices. All that you need is a PDF reader like SodaPDF. PDF documents can retain their format and style no matter which device you use.

On the other hand, a Word file may lose its touch if you open it on a version that’s newer or older than the version you created the original file on.

This can be a big problem, especially in the corporate world. How do you make sure your recipient opens the file on the same device or software that you used to create the original file?

PDF files remove this issue thanks to excellent compatibility.

3- Editing

Though Word has the same options as PDF files when it comes to changing the layout, font, or alignment, PDF files make it easier to merge documents and remove pages.

Such tasks can be troublesome on Word because you have to manually delete content in order to remove a page.

4- Security

PDF files can limit what others can do with your document, a feature Word documents do not have. You can share your document with your colleagues without giving them permission to make changes. This way your files will remain safe and secure.

While Google Docs do offer this ease, it’s still not as popular as PDF due to some drawbacks.

5- eSign

This is the era of the internet. Everything is done on the web. We want to save ink and money by e-signing documents, which is a feature offered by PDF files.  Knowing how to sign a PDF would get you up to speed with all the other businesses that are already taking advantage of e-signatures.

You can use a good PDF editor to e-sign documents within seconds. Such signs are accepted by many companies and are considered fully legal. Compare this with Word where you have to get the document printed, signed, and scanned to complete a deal.

The advantages of PDF documents are evident. Try it to see the difference.

Noman Sarwar

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