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Ever wished for a quick, stylish, and environmentally responsible form of transportation that doesn’t sacrifice convenience or style? You only need to look at Velotric! The company has become a market leader in electric bicycles thanks to the growing trend of sustainable commuting. Velotric is currently one of the biggest names in the world of the electric bike market that can meet the requirements of a larger audience.

The exceptional features and quality of this brand have outclassed all of its counterparts and now it is making its way to become the leading manufacturer in the world. Besides, it also offers accessories and other essential equipment to take your biking experience to an advanced level. In this blog post, we will explain different aspects of this company, including its product range, quality, prices, and efforts in optimizing the e-commerce experience.

Velotric was founded back in 2020, with its first appearance in Shenzhen, China. Over the years, the company has expanded rapidly, especially in the USA, where it now has a partnership with more than 150 dealers. The brand has showcased amazing performance not only in terms of quality but also in design and built-structure.

The products are quite sturdy and meet the requirements and preferences of a larger audience base which can make it the best option available on the market. Besides the current status, the owners are looking for ways to expand the user base and the development of the official website ( is a major step towards this goal.

Velotric has been brilliant in designing its products and marketing them to reach the maximum user base possible. Some of the key Velotric offerings are the following.

Velotric Fold 1


E-bikes are the primary products of the Velotric brand. It offers a large range of options from urban products to all-terrain bikes. As a result, people with different expectations and demands can directly hit this brand to find the one of their choice and interest. The sleek design and integrated technology are the best features of e-bikes manufactured by this company. Some of the top items that have dominated the market are Velotric Summit 1, Velotric Fold 1, Velotric Discover Series, Velotric T series, and Velotric Nomad 1.

Storage Solutions

Another key offering of Velotric is its storage solutions that can help you carry different essentials. It includes baskets, bags, racks, trailers, phone mounts, cages, and bottles. Hence, you can have a solid experience while riding through your heavy bikes. Nevertheless, you must determine your e-bike model and pick the storage solution accordingly.

Safety Products

Biking is a dangerous task and involves a lot of risk especially when it comes to terrains. Therefore, Velotric offers a comprehensive range of safety products to make sure that riders will stay protected and safe during their journey. The most popular safety products are mirrors, helmets, lights, locks, handrails, and glasses. 

Seating Accessories

Velotric also produces seating accessories to let its audience base purchase the items according to their comfort level. This includes seat pads, passenger kits, seat posts, footrests, and saddles. In addition, wheel guards and child-safety balustrades are manufactured by this company that will offer not only comfort but also safety.


Velotric also produces several other products such as tyres, brakes, wheels, batteries, chargers, lights, stems, and others. All of them are necessary items associated with a comprehensive biking experience. You must determine your requirements and look forward to purchasing a suitable accessory.

Despite covering a large range of products, Velotric never compromises on the quality and manufacturing standards. 

Features of Velotric Products

Design and Aesthetics

The e-biked manufactured by Velotric are best known for their incredible designs and multiple color options. In addition, the proper integration of batteries and cables gives it an incredible finish. Experience professionals perform the welding operations and guarantee a sturdy composition of these products.

Model Range and Features

As mentioned previously, Velotric offers a larger range of e-bikes and accessories to take the experience of bikers to an incredible level. All the bikes have the “Find My Device” attribute that assists in tracking them in case of any mishap. Above all, these bikes are suitable for people of different heights and weights.


Another key feature of Velotric is the incredible performance level of its e-bikes as they offer comfortable riding positions. Above all, they are highly efficient and can achieve a high speed of 20 mph. Talking about the distance, it can cover the range of 60 miles under optimum conditions. 

Comfort and Usability

Velotric integrates quality suspension forks in its e-bikes that can prevent you from jerking on bumpy terrains. Moreover, it features a rear rack and fenders that will help in easy transport. Also, the bike is easy to assemble and requires only 30 minutes to set up with tools.

Pricing and Value

One of the most astonishing aspects of Velotric bikes is that they offer a perfect value for money. The prices are quite affordable and range between $1,500 and $2,000. This competitive pricing has made this brand the most preferable choice for all individuals.


  • Sleek design with integrated battery 
  • Internal cabling
  • Comfortable upright ride position
  • High payload capacity
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Easy assembly


  • Limited pedal assist levels
  • Braking issues

To Sum Up

Velotric electric bikes are considered best for beginners as they showcase incredible features high-quality design, and integration of advanced technology which enhances its functionality. Although there are some areas of improvements including the braking system and weight, the other aspects are quite unusual and can take your riding experience to the heights of glory. With their comprehensive products and accessory range, you can pick the model that suits your requirements and preferences. The pricing is competitive and suitable for the budgeting range of a wider audience.

Who is the owner of Velotric?

Adam Zhang is the owner of Velotric Bikes. 

What is a Velotric bike?

Velotric bikes are electric bikes that are designed on advanced technology and integrated with incredible features.

When was Velotric founded?

The company was founded back in 2020 in Shenzhen, China, with expansion in the United States.

How fast is the Velotric bike?

Velotric has designed its bikes on advanced basis and they can attain the optimum speed of 20 mph.

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