Utilizing spark files for creating content – What is the way in which you should do so?

spark files for creatingDo you want more links out of your content? Columnist Julie Joyce shows us myriad examples of how we can use spark files for content creation ideas which can directly lead to more and more links. What actually is a spark file? Well, it is more like your personal and less structured brainstorming session which never comes to an end. Initially, she had a notebook and then she started using mails to keep record of all info and she continued this way by adding to her tasks. If you find that awkward, you can use Evernote so that your Go-To tool syncs through all the devices and can make note of the info.

What exactly should you keep record of in your spark file?

If you’re not much clear of it and you’re wondering what exactly you need to maintain record of in your file, here are some things to take into account.

  • Video
  • Audio
  • Ideas
  • Photos
  • Sketches
  • Quotes
  • Fragments
  • Articles for references
  • Questions which you may have and
  • Superb examples of something which can be relevant to your website

How can you use spark file for creating personal content?

You should always maintain a running list of the article ideas and mark them when you write them. There are times when a specific thing which seem to be a great idea should be taken note of. But once you check your list, you see that it’s not worth doing for a number of valid reasons. Nevertheless, you may still keep those ideas in the spark file if something better comes out of it later. You need to be careful about the needs of the clients so that you can easily be able to deliver what they need through the content that you write.

You can also note down all sorts of ideas that you have for your client and the ideas which the client have for you. This way you will find out something good that your competitor has been doing for a long time now. In short, you need to keep track of everything.

It is not only about keeping notes, it is all about being more and more organized about keeping notes. This is the best way in which you can keep getting new ideas and shaping it into good content.


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