Types of Advertising Flags that You Can Custom-Create for Your Business

Advertising flags are very effective in promoting your business. They are eye-catching and versatile. They could be installed without any hassle and can be dismantled and transported from one location to another. They are ideal for grabbing people’s attention. They are best for reaching a wider audience and conveying your marketing message clearly to them. 

After considerable research and studies, stats have revealed that almost 50 percent of the clients became loyal to a specific brand at the time of their first buy. According to Entrepreneur, branding helps in providing your target audience with a well-defined, clear roadmap and a precise or, vivid sense of purpose, and a credible voice that everybody wishes to listen to. Advertising flags are brilliant marketing and branding tools that help in building your brand awareness and overall brand image.

You could strategically place advertising flags outside your store or office, or consider setting them inside your workplace or include them at events and trade shows to capture instant consumer attention. Wherever you place these colorful and vibrant flags, they will be fluttering in the wind and grabbing everyone’s attention and draw customers to your store, office, or booth. 

Types of Flags

Flags differ from one another in terms of their shapes. Numerous different flags are used by various organizations for promoting their brands. You can make your own flag with professional assistance. However, before custom-creating your unique flags for your organization, you may know what are the different types of advertising flags that are available in the market.

Feather Flags

Feather flags usually feature a chic, seamless design that infuses a touch of sophistication in flags. The flags are feather-shaped. Mostly these flags are straight all along the side, precisely where the pole seems to be located. Thereafter, it starts curving right at the top. These flags are curved at a similar angle all along the bottom. Feather flags are known for providing a unique style that would surely grab customer attention.

Teardrop Flags

Teardrop flags are curved flag styles that will instantly catch customer attention. They look like a teardrop and have a pole that seems to be bending over the top for creating a circular or well-rounded shape. The side of such a flag that is further away from the flagpole seems to come down at a specific angle. Moreover, the side touching the pole seems to be far more curved than other flags. Thanks to its unique shape, a teardrop flag seems tauter in comparison to other types of flags. Teardrop flags do not keep moving with the wind. 

Straight Flags

Straight advertising flags boast a classic shape and are characterized by a vertical straight edge all along the side that is away from the pole. They also feature a straight edge all along the bottom. The distinctive straight advertising flag style boasts of a simpler pattern that allows a substantial amount of space for printing your logo design and other information including contact details.


You may consider opting for one of the above types of flags depending on the space required for printing your graphics or company logo. You will have to decide if you will stick to giving top priority to messaging space & functionality or opt for style instead. If you are looking for more space and a relatively simpler design, you may custom-tailor a straight flag. On the other hand, if you are looking for a more attractive version with an emphasis on style, opt for a teardrop or feather flag. Always choose a flag that is relevant to an event. Always decide where you are planning to place the flag, indoors or outdoors? Accordingly, choose the right flag for driving more customers to your store, office, or tradeshow.


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