Top 10 Tech Tricks Everyone Should Know

Most mechanical or electronic devices or tools do not come with a user’s handbook that explains everything about the device. We often find out about various peculiarities by asking people how to treat and use them.

No one believes in the settings of a new router. Having more attached gadgets is very important when it comes to learning about new features.

This article will discuss several tech hints and tips that will support keeping you safe.

1. Turn your phone into a safety cam

If you do not have a safety system, turn your gadget into a motion-activated camera with simply a couple of clicks.

This app applies your device’s cam to take several movements after a few mins. Info transmission via the I-net is not allowed, and the images are maintained locally on your gadget.

2. Make a secret world of conversation with your iPhone

With this application, you may simply make a secret world of communication by messaging without these messages being sent in your regular text messages, as well as, you are able to share the secret message with anyone that you desire to talk to.

In the Notes application, go to the list of notes and choose the one you desire to share. You can also open a note and tap the 3 dots, add someone, and then send your note by means of text or email. The person you have added to your note is empowered to make changes that will not emerge in your text messages.

3. Apply a Post-it for beneficial causes

The dirt and grime on your keyboard can get stuck to it if you play slots online or work eating at your desk at the same time, and don’t have the necessary compressed air. You can also clean it with a Post-it note.

Run it over each row of your keys, and you will be astonished at how clean it looks. You are also able to spring-clean your computer’s insides by applying a pair of tweezers.

4. Open a new tab

Opening a new tab and reading later is accomplished by the click of the wheel of your mouse, which will automatically open the link in the new tab, keeping you on the current screen. Unfortunately, this feature will not work for laptop users unless you have the menu open.

5. Make use of your pencil eraser for something beneficial

If you own an Apple device, you likely have several muddy white charging cables. These items can attract dirt and marks in simply a couple of mins.

Use a pencil eraser to make these charging cables look new, which can take a couple of mins to get it all erased in no time.

6. Stop guessing regarding the time of arrival and departure

Google Maps supports you to set a departure as well as arrival time for an upcoming appointment if you mention the distance. With the variant to set a departure time, you are able to get a piece of information on how long it takes you to get to your destination.

7. Free transcripts of your meetings

One of the most common reasons why people do not take notes is because it takes forever to transcribe audio. With the help of AI, transcribing the audio in real-time will become much easier which will provide you with a variety of searchable transcripts, and it can also play back your recording. Via a free-of-charge account, you may get up to six hundred minutes of transcription a month.

8. Share a Nest Cam video feed

The Nest Cam is a perfect method to keep track of all the activities around your house and supervise it. It also provides you with an alert record and live video streams whenever something wrong happens. For example, we could observe the room of your children and everything they are busy with.

One of the most crucial steps you should take when sharing the video stream is not to opt for a public link, as it ensures that anyone is able to watch the stream with no password.

You are also able to create a password-defended reference to provide that only those who have the password and link will be empowered to tie the video stream, preventing unauthorized individuals from entering your Nest gadget and its contents.

You also enter the Nest application, applying for a PC. However, you cannot alter the camera settings’ secrecy on phones and tablets, by going to Settings > Camera sharing.

You may also choose by sharing the video stream openly or with a password. In the Share with password version, you may let specific users access the live stream, who will need to enter the password you have set and will be in need to be connected to your cam. If you ever desire to halt sharing the footage, push the Stop sharing button.

9. Make use of Google Assistant or Siri to annihilate faint wireless local area network

Before the rise of unrestricted information plans, many people tried to get away from surplus charges by using free-of-charge wireless local area networks. However, with more plans, many people still quest for an open link to maintain information.

Faint Wi-Fi can slow you down and put you in danger if you are trying to link to an unreliable net.

Instead of going via the menus, ask Google or Siri to turn off your feeble Wi-Fi, which will allow you to avoid using an insecure net.

10. Double your I-net speed

When your I-net speed drops, you start to think about the diverse factors that affect it. Some of these incorporate the computer itself, the router, and the neighbor making use of it to watch 4K movies.

One of the easiest methods to improve your I-net speed is by altering your domain name system. This process involves transforming complex IP addresses into memorable web addresses.

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