Shortlisting the few phones which suits best for your kids in 2017

kids phoneGone are those good old days when you could trick your child with your used phone. These days, children know a lot on technology and there are kids who are in fact more knowledgeable on technology than their parents. Just as you have the best of best, they too want it in the same way. So, you can give him a second-hand phone and expect him to be happy with it. Apart from the questions of internet safety, there is no other bigger issue in giving mobile phones to children as there are many ways in which they can use than instead of abusing them.

Here in this article, we will shortlist a few of the best phones which you can choose as the best ones for kids, those which combine user-friendliness with value, strong build-p and enough power to watch YouTube and also play the latest games on the internet. Let’s take a quick look at some such phones.

What is my budget for buying my kid the best phone?

Well, this is entirely your discretion. None can advise you on paying flagship prices on buying them the best flagship phones, but still there are many parents nowadays who will dig deeper for their children. If you’re someone who is not concerned about money while buying the best phones for your kids, this post is for you.

You can get them some basic phone at a dirt-cheap price when they are on their trip between home and school. This will prevent them from getting distracted with Snapchat or other games. It will even not lure the thieves too. If the inevitable happens and the phone gets stolen, it won’t matter to you as the prices of such phones are extremely cheap.

There are times when buying your kid a Chinese phone can definitely be a good way of grabbing an attractive price with higher specifications than what you would get in other phones. However, make sure you avoid models like Meizu and Xiaomi which don’t have Google Play in-built in them and which sometimes pop up Chinese notifications. This can confuse your child.

Is it better to give your child an iPhone or an Android phone?

Whether you choose an Android phone or an iPhone for your kid will entirely depend on your budget, what kind of features he is used to and how adjustable they are. We all are aware that most iPhones will be way over your budget that you’ve set for your child but you can still buy used iPhone 5S or other older models like them. The extremely colorful iPhone 5C is possibly the best option for your child if they need a new-generation iPhone.

Majority of the phones that will be recommended in such lists will run on Android which is an equally good OS as iOS. The best part is that they have a wide array of free apps which you don’t have in iOS. You can read through the comparison of iPhone vs. Android in order to get a clearer idea of the main differences. Remember that both the platforms are equally suitable for children and you can lock both phones in such a manner that you can restrict their access. For that, you have to install parental control software.

No matter which OS or which phone you buy for your child, make sure you install an anti-virus software into it so that you can reduce the risk of the phone being damaged through malicious viruses. Install the best anti-virus software for your kid’s phone.


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