Review of the Top 3 AI Paper Generators of 2024

AI paper writers have gained a lot of popularity over the past few years. These tools make essay writing easy and enjoyable. This cutting-edge technology uses advanced computer algorithms to generate accurate, engaging, and knowledge-rich content. This makes these tools incredibly beneficial for students of all academic levels. Now is a great opportunity to look into the top AI paper generators. These days, essay generators are used for more than just generating basic sentences. These advanced tools can now generate well-researched papers, often showing an even better understanding of context than we could have hoped for.

In this article, we will take a look at the top 3 AI generators for essay writing in 2024. We will also look at how these tools can help you write your essays by offering guidance, teaching you how to write better, and even generating entire essays based on what you tell them.

Top 3 AI Writing Generators You Should Try

Any top AI writing tool must be able to generate original, engaging, and grammatically correct essays on a wide range of topics and academic subjects. There are many tools that students and academic writers can use as a result of the popularity of ChatGPT-powered tools.

Here, we list 3 AI writing tools that, in our opinion, deserve your attention because of their effectiveness, reliability, practicality, security, and affordability. In addition to our own user experience, we took into account reviews from many people who have used these tools and are happy with them.

1PaperTyper.netSet of essential tools for generating papers of any difficulty
2Jasper.aiHelpful essay writing tool for marketing content
3Copy.aiAll-in-one content creator for essay writing

The information provided about their characteristics and purposes should help readers decide which tools would be the best for their own essay requirements. So, let’s take a closer look at each of these tools and find out which fits your needs best!


Skilled developers created this tool to help students research and write academic assignments automatically. PaperTyper already captured the hearts of thousands of students worldwide who use this website and its tools to write essays faster and earn better grades.

The website’s creator and developers put in lots of work to make it as high-quality as it is. The team made every effort to make the tools as user-friendly and safe as possible. This platform gives writers of all kinds free access to advanced essay writing tools. You can use these writing tools to effortlessly write, check, and edit papers that fit all academic standards.

The main offering of this platform is AI Essay Writer, but the set of tools also includes Plagiarism Checker, Citation Generator, and Grammar Checker. A great benefit of tools like Grammar Checker is that you will get complete reports from these tools. This way, you can see exactly where you have made a mistake and how you can improve the quality of your paper. Additionally, Knowledge Bank offers much useful knowledge on research and academic writing. But if you need help from a real writer, you can also order a paper from one of the skilled essay writers who work there.

PaperTyper’s main benefit is how simple and quick it is; your papers will be finished and checked in a matter of minutes. To use AI Essay Writer, you only need to enter the topic and let the tool do the necessary research. Then, you need to review and edit the draft generated by the tool.

Thanks to a recent upgrade, the tool can now generate papers of different lengths and degrees of complexity. This makes it perfectly suitable for students of all academic levels, from high school to PhD, and even professionals. Because the PaperTyper provides access to the most reliable and credible academic databases, your essays will always be based on up-to-date information.

You can also use the upgraded version of this tool when you sign up on this website. This version can deal with long and complex papers. Users can interact with the tool effortlessly by giving instructions and controlling the essay writing process in a way that feels natural. You can write many types of paper with this tool. Popular options include essays, creative stories, outlines, blog posts, etc.

The tool gives you a 500-word trial for free, but you can purchase an extra 10,000 words for just $5! This is a bargain price for such an advanced AI essay generator. You can edit your essay straight away, which is another fantastic feature. The tool comes with an integrated Grammar Checker that points out mistakes in your writing and offers suggestions for how to correct them. Also, you can download your essay in PDF format, export it to Word, or simply print it.

Main Features

  • Generates accurate, well-written, and original content in a matter of seconds without compromising on quality.
  • AI Essay Writer has access to the most accurate and up-to-date sources.
  • Easy navigation and a clear user interface.
  • All of the tools needed to write and edit papers are gathered in one place. 
  • The service offers unlimited free use of essay writing and editing tools.
  • Essay Writer can generate long papers on difficult topics as well. 


  • $0 forever in Basic Essay Writer: designed for simple essay topics and short-form academic papers.
  • $0 for 500 words and $5/extra 10,000 words in Upgraded Essay Writer: designed specifically for generating long-form papers on more complex topics.


Another AI writer that has recently gained popularity is Jasper AI, which is great for generating text for blogs and ad campaigns. The tool has an intuitive user interface designed for simplicity and usability. The platform’s easy user navigation makes it usable for both beginner and skilled writers.

Users of the tool have access to hundreds of templates for different marketing purposes. The fact that this writing tool helps you get started with so many useful templates is its strongest feature overall. For example, if you want to write a long-form blog post outline or need the perfect product description, you can just use a template.

Right now, Jasper AI is the best tool for marketers, benefiting companies of all kinds. Although this tool wasn’t made specifically for academic writing, it can still be useful for writing and rewriting essays and research papers.

This writing tool can focus on any piece of writing and provide the best results by giving the writer the option of choosing a template and specific instructions. With its Long-Form Assistant template, you can start to type, and it will complete the rest of the essay for you. Users can customize their writings in Jasper. You can even instruct the tool on the writing style and keywords you wish to use.

Each text is custom-tailored to the requirements of the user. The tool makes essay writing more effective by simplifying the process of writing. No matter the user’s level of experience, the tool offers helpful guidance and support. Still, before publishing or hanging in your text, you should, at the very least, properly edit the generated text.

Main Features

  • Specifically designed to improve marketing performance.
  • Includes Google Chrome addons and Grammarly integration.
  • Auto-saving and document-sharing features.
  • Generates different content using more than 50 templates, including blog posts, social media posts, sales emails, etc.
  • Keeps up with the most recent information and correctly cites sources.


  • $39/month Creator Plan: Created for individual use, it provides access to all templates.
  • $99/month Teams Plan: Designed for groups of up to three people, it comes with custom templates.
  • Custom pricing Business Plan: Provides access to all features and unlimited usage for any content creation requirements.

3- Copy.AI

You can use the Copy.AI platform if you have difficulty creating essay topics, formal letters, or rephrasing a paragraph in your paper.

Professionals have created a platform to help you eliminate creative blocks. It is a good help if you want to make a quality essay but don’t know how to do it. The generator studies all thematic sources and selects only the best topics for you. Thus, you will significantly save time searching for information and can use only the resources you need.

When using the platform, you do not need to worry about security. You can access Copy.AI tools even without registration. The Copy.AI platform strictly adheres to the privacy policy, uses multi-level encryption, and reliably protects all data.

The platform is as easy as possible to use. You can easily find the tool you need, and with the help of tips on the site, you can quickly figure out how to operate it.

The text generator will create a high-quality essay on the specified topic. The system automatically checks the text for plagiarism, meaning you will receive a paper that will pass the uniqueness check.

Tools such as a paragraph generator will help if you are stuck and don’t know how else to supplement your work. It is the easiest way to write long essays. If you must rephrase sentences or an entire paragraph, look no further than Rewriter. The generator selects synonyms and rewrites the text to preserve the original meaning.

Use the title generator and structure if you want to write an essay but need help with the title or what blocks should be in the report. The tools will create the best theme for you and offer a form that will fully develop it. Also, this tool is suitable if you need to write an essay on a free topic and don’t know precisely what you want to write about.

Among the advantages of Copy.AI it is worth highlighting:

  • the platform is available 24 hours a day;
  • you can use the site for written work of any complexity, regardless of the subject;
  • free access to all tools.

Disadvantages of the platform:

  • limited number of characters in the free version.


  • $36/Month: unlimited number of words for 5 seats.
  • $186/Month: for 20 seats.


Now that AI technology is becoming more and more popular, writing essays and other academic papers is a lot easier. The use of AI tools to write essays has benefited many students, but it can be difficult to find reliable and affordable tools. Therefore, we have covered the top 3 AI tools in this guide to help you make the right choice.

Additionally, keep an eye on their pricing options and associated features to choose the best tool for your specific needs. Any AI writer from this list could increase your productivity and simplify the writing process, whether you are a student, blogger, copywriter, marketer, or creative writer.

Though there are alternative options, we advise PaperTyper as the best AI essay writer. This essay writing service gives users all the tools they need to generate essays easily, edit research papers properly, and avoid plagiarism. Thanks to their online presence, positive feedback, and affordability, these tools are perfect for writers and students looking for help with their writing assignments. This platform’s improved version of Essay Writer and Knowledge Bank are also important advantages.


Is AI writing help safe?

You don’t have to worry whether using AI writer tools is safe. The answer is a strong “Yes” because AI tools are being effectively integrated into every industry worldwide. When it comes to generating content, AI tools are both secure and helpful to students of all academic levels.

But that doesn’t mean the tool should do all the work for you and completely replace human input. It is important to realize that AI paper generators serve primarily as your writing helper. If you choose the best AI essay tool, it can be used for academic purposes without risk.

What is the best AI writing service?

If we had to choose the best cutting-edge AI-powered academic writing tools, we would go with PaperTyper. Juli Sheller developed this website many years ago to help students generate original essays for free. Its main goal is to simplify students’ lives by providing them with ideas for essays and research help on just about every topic imaginable.

The key tool, AI Essay Writer, is supplemented by other helpful tools that let you cite sources, check your essay for mistakes, and edit them. The website is completely safe and reliable. All drafts generated by the tool use information from reliable academic resources, so the results are accurate and original.

Will AI tool write me an essay?

AI paper generators are great helpers for anyone in need of essay writing assistance. These days, AI can write essays suitable for any student’s academic level. AI writing tools can be used as a good source of ideas for your writing (for example, to come up with research questions). Compared to human writers, AI writing tools can generate papers much faster. They can create first drafts in minutes, sometimes even seconds. As a result, you can do more and save valuable time. Grammar checkers and other AI technologies can help you find and fix grammar and punctuation errors to improve your writing.

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