Clearing Desk- Tips to Clear Desk Clutter & Organize Your Workspace

A clear desk in your workspace makes you focused and energized toward your work. The busier you’re the more cluttered your desk will be. It is a human phenomenon behavior that does not pay heed to wipe away small pieces of clutter. Our physical environment has a significant effect on the work we do. As, it is directly influencing our emotions, and workability, affecting our thinking ability and interaction with others. Disorganized desks also promote anxiety desks. A human mind always performs better in a clean and fresh environment. Mostly the desk workers should keep their desks clean as it will increase their potential for the work. The messy environment also causes the loss of many important document files. Mainly workers spend their much of important time finding lost files in their office. This alarming situation demands the cleansing of desks regularly. 

Clear Desk Benefits

There are many advantages besides keeping your workplace desk neat and clean. Some of those are given below

Good Impression

A clean environment not only has a good effect on your mental health but also gives a pleasure of sitting to the visitors. A clear Desk and organized items will influence the thinking behavior of your customers. They’ll judge your personality as a charm after this experience.

Moving Freedom

In a mess of items, you have to sit in one place. After clearing the desk you’ll be able to move roundly without any hurdle to relax your body.

Maintain Focus

The related materials laying on the desk are enough to keep you focused to complete your project. Sticky notes and notepads will remind you about your work instead of silly thoughts. This is the better way to focus on your work and keep away from distraction.

Increase Potential

The organized items will help you to find any required file quickly. You don’t have to spend time searching for that here and there. Finding documents easily will not waste your time and you’ll spend more time on your work. This will automatically increase your work potential.

Tips to Clear Desk Clutter & Organize Your Workspace

Clearing your desk is as important as going to the workplace. Here are some cluttering tips, you should follow for cleaning your desk and organizing it properly,

Remove Unnecessary Things

There are a lot of unusual items, we used to gather on our work desk and did not think about cleaning those. They are causing pollution on your desk. For a clear desk, firstly you should look around and note all the things and wipe up all the extra materials like old stick notes, absurd files, old mouse or keyboard and every notepad which you think are not playing any role. If these things are least important, keep those on shelves otherwise throw them into the dustbin. This will lessen the burden from your workplace.

Use Trash

Make sure you have a trash can near your desk to throw all the useless items. This will also lessen your trouble of clearing desks and will be kept neat and clean the environment. You should make a habit of using trash and throwing away messy things. You should not hoard such an item in your workplace.

Make a Paper Bar

Mainly offices have a lot of work over papers. Different kinds of notes, documents, and important files are gathered with them so it is necessary to have a separate paper bar. This will also make it easier for you to pick any file. Always arrange the papers into categories it makes an authentic and understandable look.

Establish a System

It means that you should maintain a system of rules and a manner in your workplace. Keep the file at its specific position. Whenever you need it take it without disordering other files. Take some time and list all the files according to their titles and pages. After having a slight view you’ll be able to pick your required project file.

Organize items into Shelves

First try to throw all the useless items outside, if some remain organize those into shelves and drawers properly. Don’t mix the things on the shelves. Keep them according to their relatives. Keep the most attractive items on the upper shelves. As they’ll attract the visitors. The practice of putting things on their respective shelves along with references will be more suitable.

Setting up Cleaning Schedule

Maintaining and cleaning your office daily is necessary. You can also do it in your free time. This is not a time taking work, clearing the desk and removing unnecessary items will take only a few minutes. It is a sage saying that “clean your desk before leaving at night”. This quote is true to some extent as every day starts with a new passion and ends with slight fatigue and boredom. It will be suitable for you to clean your office before leaving it.


Many types of research reveal that a clean environment in the workplace creates more creativity and productivity. So, for more productivity and creativity, keep a neat and clear desk in your workplace. This will help you maintain your focus on the project. Hope this will note will be helpful for you.

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