Nine Tips for Picking the Best Gamertag for 2023

One of the first things that you’ll need to do when you start gaming is picking out your gamertag. This simple process can be incredibly easy to overthink, and it’s quite common to get stuck on picking the perfect name if you’ve never done it before.

If you’re unfamiliar with gamertags, it’s a term that’s most commonly associated with Xbox and Xbox Live services. It’s essentially a digital persona, and people you play games with will be able to see your gamertag when interacting with you.

While gamertags are associated with Xbox services traditionally, some folk may use it as an umbrella term to describe a name used in an online PC game or on a different console. Whatever it is that you play on, here are nine tips for picking the best gamertag in 2023. 

Tips for Picking the Best Gamertag

Understand Your Gaming Style

Before choosing a gamertag, it’s crucial to understand your gaming style. Are you a competitive player who enjoys multiplayer games? Or do you prefer immersive single-player adventures? Understanding your gaming style helps you choose a gamertag that aligns with your preferences.

When considering your gaming style to choose a gamertag, think about the type of games you play the most, your preferred game modes, and the strategies you use when playing. For example, if you are a first-person shooters, you might want a gamertag that reflects your shooting skill or accuracy. On the other hand, if you’re more inclined towards cooperative games, you could incorporate a reference to teamwork in your gamertag.

Use Online Tools to Help

To start, one of the easiest ways to generate a list of potential names to choose from is to use a digital tool to help. It’s easy to find a nickname generator online as there are quite a few of them, and even some gamertag-specific generators are handy.

Using online tools can speed up the process of picking out the best gamertag, and it’s worth writing down a few options so that you can have back-up options if your favorite one is taken.

Don’t Use Your Real Name

This is less of a creativity tip and more of a safety tip. When you’re trying to come up with a gamertag, make sure not to use your real name or any other identifiers that could help people figure out who you are offline.

While this may sound silly to people who’ve been gaming for a while and have online friends who know them by name, it is important to see the side of caution when it comes to picking out a name for your online presence.  Moreover, a lot of platforms and online games forbid using your real name in their terms of service. 

Look At the Platform Name Rules

Following on, make sure to spend some time looking up the rules of the online community or game you’re trying to pick out a name for. 

Almost every platform nowadays will have rules on what you can name yourself and what’s forbidden online. While some folk may be tempted to use an edgy joke or meme in their gamertag to make their friends laugh or provoke a reaction, it’s best to avoid this so that your accounts aren’t banned or taken down. 

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Be Creative and Unique

Originality is key when it comes to gamertags. Avoid using common names or generic terms that other players may already take. Be creative and come up with a unique gamertag that stands out and grabs attention.

One way to be creative is by combining different words, concepts, or even unrelated ideas to create a distinctive gamertag. Experiment with different word combinations, play with alliterations, or use uncommon words that represent something meaningful to you. By being original and unique, you increase the chances of your gamertag being memorable and recognizable in the gaming community.

Consider Future-Proofing

When choosing a gamertag, think long-term. Consider whether the gamertag will still be relevant and representative of your gaming identity in the future. Avoid using trendy terms or references that may become outdated quickly.

Choose a gamertag that has a timeless quality to it. It should be something you can proudly use for years to come, even as gaming trends and preferences evolve.

Try to Use the Same Name Across All Platforms

If you play on multiple platforms and use different social media platforms (and let’s be real, who doesn’t), then it’s worth trying to keep your username/gamertag the same across all of them wherever you can. 

Your internet friends will be able to recognize you much easier if you’re using the same gamertag everywhere, and you could even build a reputation if you’re a streamer or someone who’s particularly good at the game in question. 

Research Existing Gamertags

Before settling on a gamertag, research to see if similar or identical gamertags exist. You want to avoid any potential confusion or being mistaken for someone else. A quick search on gaming platforms and social media can give you an idea of what’s already taken.

While you want to make your gamertag unique, avoiding unintentionally copying someone else’s tag is important. This is the reason, researching existing gamertags will help you avoid such conflicts and ensure that your chosen gamertag is original.

Pick a Gamertag Inspired by Your Favorite Genre

A final way to pick out an iconic gamertag is to think about your favorite game genre and try to pick something that relates to it. 

For example, if you’re a fantasy MMORPG fan, you could pick something related to your favorite type of dragon. If you’re a fan of sci-fi strategy games, you could pick something that makes you sound like a cyborg. 


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