Sweepstakes Advantage Website Review

Sweepstakes Advantage, is also called SA, is an old directory of contests that provide a vibrant forum and numerous sweepstakes. To access the entry links listed in SA, you need to register for at least one free membership. You can unlock premium lotteries and additional services with a paid membership.

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Sweepstakes Advantage was founded in 1997 by sweepstakes lovers and is updated daily with new types of sweepstakes to participate in. While most of the draws are open to US residents, there are also sections for Canadians, UK residents, and more. It also provides the tracking system that is used to mark your entered giveaway.

Working of Sweepstakes Advantage

Sweeps Advantage acts as your personal assistant when it comes to finding free online draws and sweepstakes online. The site searches for all the new draws on the Internet and then collects them all in one central location. You can browse the website and enter any competition without registering an account. However, if you want to use any other site functions you will need to register an account.


There are two different account options: free and plus. A free account gives you access to a limited set of draws and a limited number of features. Some features of the free plan of Sweepstakes advantage.

  • Friendly community forum.
  • The sweepstake is organized according to the type of participation.
  • Ability to leave personal notes and reminders in the lists of draws.
  • Newsletter
  • A directory of free tools to help you participate more effectively.
  • Tools for entrepreneurs to create their own gifts.

However, the Plus account of sweepstakes advantage provides you complete access to all gifts and features. The Plus membership option has a price tag. The annual subscription will cost you $ 40.If you choose not to pay annually, you can get a Plus membership for $ 25 for six months, $ 15 for three months, or $ 5 a month.


Site Usability

The site is relatively easy to use once you’ve exceeded the number of ads you need to see, from banner ads that appear at the bottom of the screen to ads at the top, side, and bottom of each one page, you may soon be annoyed seeing ads. The only way to avoid this hassle is to sign up for a Plus membership. It will set you back $ 40, but at least you should be able to navigate the site without all that annoying ads.

Website design isn’t terrible either. The only thing we can complain about the design is that the site looks a little cluttered. We can’t tell if this is due to the lack of images in every post or simply to the way the text is laid out. Fortunately, the site works well on mobile devices. The only problem with the mobile version of the site is that the ads become even more visible on the small screen.

Other Characteristics

There are many great additions that are offered. Unfortunately, some of them are only available to Plus members. Other available add-ons:

  • My Gift Catalog – This great feature allows you to add specific gifts to your own catalog. This makes it easy to find recurring draws that interest you and see what you have entered.
  • SweepsPop: This feature saves important information and makes sweeps faster and easier.
  • SweepsCheck: Keeps track of all sweeps you win. Place all the draws you are participating in.
  • Additional Information: Under the title and description of each draw is an excellent list of relevant information about the drawing of the lottery.

Payment Methods

There are only two payment methods available on the sweepstake advantage site These are Visa / MasterCard and PayPal. The only time you will need to use these payment methods is if you decide to sign up for a Plus membership. At any other time, no other form of payment will be required from you. Considering that all withdrawals on the site are free, there are no withdrawal options.


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How To Claim Your Giveaways?

Given that each competition featured on the site is run by a different operator, there is no set method for claiming your prize, instead, each competition has a request process that you must follow if you are a winner. This process is usually found in the rules of the competition. 

Fortunately, the site has a direct link to the rules of each contest. This link can be found in the description of each competition. Therefore, it is best to read these rules carefully before entering the competition, so if you win, you will know what the application process entails.

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