Should you add audience insight into your SEO strategy?

seo-strategy-processAs per Chris Liversidge, the key to making improved optimization decisions is audience enrichment data and the search marketers should always be ready to engage themselves with a strategy led by the audience. What is audience enrichment? Well, it is the combination of first-party data from the website of your client with third-party data which has been gathered from various sources in order to attain a clear picture of your online visitors and this has become a really hot topic in the area of enterprise-level business. In order to know the evidence of its impact, you can check channels which are programmatic and which keep rampaging through paid marketing budgets, obtaining oodles of dollars.

Know the behavior of your audience by studying them outright

Until few years back, bridging the gap between identification of individual audience and channel-specific SEO strategy was well-nigh impossible. But nowadays the infrastructure is pretty cheap and the tool kits are also too advanced, especially in the periphery of machine learning. Now you can build your data analysis and you can drive the individual audience solution on your own.

That the bridge is crossed these days, you can utilize your historic data and walk along the transaction timelines to analyze the actual lifetime value of your customers and also collect the attributes for use thereby influencing your collateral for marketing, prioritization of budget through all channels and calls to actions.

What needs to be done to connect between SEO data and rich audience data?

There have been many tests performed on a particular data to know that the person who is clicking on the mobile result was the same who checked out your Facebook post the other day and who saw the underground London poster which you had run last month. The data also reveals that this will respond well to landing page content which stresses on ease-of-use and utility and if you’re a premium important brand, you should take care of your meta-description and title content and highlight all those vital features and benefits.

An eminent columnist predicts that majority of the businesses will now employ a data stack with a number of audience enrichment sources of data in the near future. As search engine marketers, people should also be ready to engage themselves with the strategies led by the audience which can be built from it.


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