What is revenue intelligence? 5 Best Revenue Intelligence Software

What is Revenue intelligence?

Revenue intelligence is collecting and analyzing critical sales. You can gather fundamental understanding like execution, trends, and potential opportunities to generate more revenue. It seems complicated, especially for organizations that depend on manual information collection or struggle to coordinate their deals. For this, marketing teams are using various tools and processes.

That is why intelligence knowledge bends Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Both empower modern programming software to consistently catch and analyze data from billions of sales in one brief spot.

It is becoming truly about what is happening in your business. Without any doubt, sales are both an art and a science, but you can find legitimate ways to grow your business. It describes collecting sales and item usage information covering leads, possibilities and current clients. You can analyze it with an AI to recognize patterns and metrics that can be used to generate maximum revenue.

5 best Revenue Intelligence software

The list of the best revenue intelligence platforms is given below:

  1. Wingman
  2. Fireflies.ai
  3. CallRail
  4. InsightSquared
  5. Troops.ai


Wingman is an intelligent software that opens insights from each sales cooperation. You can use it in call recording, AI-assisted transcription, survey bargains, scale coaching and fabricating a repeatable sales machine. It proactively makes directors aware of at-risk arrangements and calls that need coaching.

The tool is generally present on each call, constantly helping your representatives as they talk to the customers. It allows you to change sales behavior at the moment through speech alerts. You can hire mentors on sales objectives while they are on duty. The software is a valuable platform that will help you to generate revenue. It gives the correct data at the right time while on a call. The sales representatives are provided with the opportunity to bookmark critical moments during the call, working with not-taking and call summarization. It coordinates with different CRM and video conferencing tools like HubSpot, Salesforce, Pipedrive, etc.


  • Growth: $60 per month
  • Accelerator: $90 per month
  • Enterprise: $110 per month


  • The platform implementation is easy and has a customizable setup.
  • The plus point is that you will be allowed to integrate with Zoom.
  • Outreach has made flexible coaching and sharing information within the sales team effortless.


  1. Call recording
  2. HQ transcription with timestamp
  3. Call tagging
  4. Advance note-taking
  5. Team performance dashboard
  6. Real-time cues and coaching
  7. Deal and pipeline intelligence
  8. Game tapes Intelligence
  9. Accelerator plan
  10. Advanced security
  11. API Access


Fireflies.ai makes it effortless to catch voice conversations anywhere you want it. It is undoubtedly one of the best revenue intelligence platforms. You can use software that interprets, takes notes and completes meetings’ activities. The software updates you about the conference by email just before the meeting. It is a process that gathers, examines and oversees data from your sales, promotion and client achievement group. Fred coordinates with all the main web-conferencing stages in the world, like Zoom, Google Meet, Webex, etc.

You can transcribe live meetings and audio files. Members of the specific organization can remove the records while playing the audio whenever the timing is ideal. To rapidly team up with colleagues on significant moments of your discussions, you can add comments or mark specific pieces of visitation. In under five minutes, you can review an extended call. You can use multiple features like advanced security, API access, etc.


  • Free: $0
  • Pro: $10 per month
  • Business: $19 per month
  • Enterprise: contact us


  • The software has an easy setup that works automatically.
  • It provides incredible customer service as it allows recording and transcriptions of all meetings.
  • You can jump between Zoom, Google Meet and Webex without issues as the platform supports various video conferencing platforms.


  1. Capture from anywhere
  2. Video conferencing bot
  3. Audio file upload
  4. Chrome recorder
  5. Storage upload
  6. Zapier upload
  7. API
  8. Event-triggered recording
  9. Scheduled and on-demand recording
  10. Instant retrieval


CallRail is one of the most critical revenues intelligence tools. It is a reliable and intuitive call tracking tool designed for information-driven marketers. You can measure call leads and digitally and disconnected marketing efforts. It includes call recording that further develops clients’ surveys and comments on call as it is child’s play.

The platform users will also track down the software’s ability to capture the visitor’s journey before and after. You will also show all racking abilities that help users to engage with various clients, areas and businesses from a solo record. It settles the journey on the vital decision. The platform also features a call stream developer, empowering clients to set up new call-following numbers without any problem.


  • Call tracking: $45 per month
  • Call tracking and Intelligence: $95 per month
  • Call tracking and Form tracking: $95 per month
  • Call tracking complete: $145 per month
  • Call tracking complete and cloud-based phone: start a 14-day trial
  • Looking for enterprise pricing? Talk to an expert.


  • The platform comes in with a visitor timeline feature that helps measure and understand conversions.
  • It has a real-time reporting feature that helps users know about receiving calls and determining campaigns.
  • You can get the benefit of marketing functionalities to measure call leads.
  • CallRail is a software that presents information about customer calls on dashboards.


  1. Archiving & retention
  2. File transfer
  3. Custom call flows
  4. Call recording, routing and tagging
  5. Lead capture
  6. In-depth caller context
  7. Custom forms
  8. Keypad scoring
  9. Analytics
  10. Integrations
  11. Lead qualification


InsightSquared is an operating system that is best for fast-growing tech companies. It is different from other platforms as it provides the same features. You will find it more affordable and have better abilities. The main thing is that it allows users to predefine sales targets.

InsightSquared is software that assists your business with its deals intelligence tools and transforms your CRM data into very nitty-gritty reports to help you make decisions. It provides an Attribution feature that can help you to analyze your marketing execution and its immediate effect on your revenue growth. It is easy to use; the customer achievement group does a fantastic job of ensuring the account pulls the correct information, and we are using the tool to its ideal.


  • Free trial: yes
  • Free/Freemium version: yes
  • Premium consulting/Integration services: yes
  • Basic: $0 per year
  • Starting price: $65 per month


  • The platform provides incredibly insightful data at the tip of your hand without having to do anything.
  • It is also an imposing tool to help organizations that are making sales.
  • The business takes standard SFDC objects to capture KPI data which is a significant force overlay.
  • You can select metrics easily, as it is a simple but powerful sales analytics tool.


  1. Data blending
  2. Third-party integrations
  3. Pre-built report library
  4. Insight feed
  5. Sales analytics
  6. Sales forecasting
  7. Pipeline management
  8. Activity capture
  9. Marketing Analytics
  10. Guided selling
  11. SaaS reporting
  12. Employee activity dashboard and scorecard


Troops.ai is a revenue-generated platform that enables the sales team with an automated workflow. It assists in integrating all company’s systems by informing applications like Slack to monitor what is happening inside each sale. The software tackles numerous agents’ CRM input issues by keeping them in Slack. It is the perfect example for organizations whose cultures are heavily built on Slack communication, and its popularity is helpful for mobile agents who can use Slack’s portable solid usefulness. It’s a fantastic apparatus for driving CRM cleanliness and responsibility across customer-facing teams.

A sales pipeline helps individuals use artificial Intelligence to configure salesforce reports. Using Slack, you can set up notifications and alerts and look for and modify sales records.


  • Team: Custom (<20 users)
  • Pro: Custom (<100 users)
  • Enterprise: Custom (100+ users)


  • The platform is friendly as it delivers the revenue signals to the individuals required in the messaging app.
  • Users get notifications after every meeting is scheduled. The feature is a game changer as Slack notify you to log on to the call and update the opportunity.
  • The platform sends convenient reminders that make it more efficient.
  • The constant updates keep you honest in follow-ups and updates to forecasts.
  • It minimizes manual note-making and data entry.
  • You will get better visibility with your focus on proactive selling.
  • The platform helps you to automate feedback and fewer meetings.


  1. Collaboration
  2. Business process automation
  3. Workflow configuration
  4. Third-party integration
  5. Task management
  6. Calendar management

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