Mobile experience will be revolutionized by machine learning – A look into the changes

mobile experienceAs long as machine learning is concerned, this is the most-hyped pairing of words that you can find in the near future. It is being said to be the new wave of future but is that going to take humanity to a new dawn or bring in an age of robots?

The fact that machines are able to make predictions, share data and learn to improve on them without being programmed will change the entire mobile experience. The meteoric rise of the usage of smartphones is an indeed big boost for machine learning because it has the capability of producing huge amount of vital data which can be analyzed for making predictions.

We can’t deny thanking the machines for the way they support us

Google is perhaps the only company which has gone beyond everyone to highlight machine learning. Not only did the company invest an enormous amount for developing the required models which can do the needful but they have also applied them to growing number of data. With the help of machine learning, Gmail can eliminate spam without hiding the actual important mails, there is Android voice recognition which has enhanced drastically, Google Photos can use image recognition technology and Image search and Maps are showing most accurate results than you can ever imagine.

With Google Now, Google is looking forward to push things even further with the predictive capabilities. The Now on Tap is entirely based on machine learning and it can draw on the knowledge base of Google to know what is happening in the app. Whenever you type something in the search box of Google, you will find Google asking you, “Did you mean..?” These are all based on machine learning as all of the advertising that you find is decided by machines.

Machine learning – Interesting things it could bring

Since machine learning is a procedure of analyzing big data, it can be applied on anything on which the data is collected. If you’re concerned about the changes it could bring to mobile experience, here are few things that you should take into account.

  • Fitness: There are lots who use wearables for tracking their fitness goals but very few know the way they should apply the data that is generated by the device. Did you know that you could get real-time insights and tips from your mobile phone? Did you know that your smartphone could tell you about the best possible diet to achieve your next health goal? All these are possible due to machine learning.
  • Translation: With the advancements in technology, machine learning could offer you with real-time translation of speech. You can watch out for Skype Translator Preview which though is not yet perfectly ready but it will get to work very soon. Thereafter, you can have conversation in various languages and get them translated whenever you speak. Isn’t it a great thing?
  • Prediction & automation: Just think of Tasker without the fact that you require creating profiles. Machine learning could learn the way you use it and trigger few specific things. Most of the time you will find your phone correctly predicting whatever you need. If you’re at the airport, you will find it creating an album with the title name of the airport so that it becomes even more relevant.

The question of the extent to which the machines are autonomous is still at the heart of learning. Google might try to suggest you things and predict things but at one point it will stop and this is when you need human oversight.


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