Mobi Earbuds Fuse AI and Hybrid ANC in Summer’s Best Headphone Buy

Nothing is better than a pair of noise-canceling headphones that transport you to another world when you put them on. For a long time, you needed expensive over-ear headphones to get this experience.
Now, there’s Mobi.

These true wireless earbuds are the first to feature next-gen hybrid ANC and artificial intelligence-assisted audio. The ANC is so powerful and comprehensive that it’s able to cancel the full range of audio frequency.

And let us remind you: Mobi are TRUE WIRELESS EARBUDS, not over-ear headphones.

How does a pair of earbuds have this much ANC power? Mobi’s AI has a lot of tricks, and we’ll get into all of them below in our review.

But if you want to see them in action now, you can click here to go to the pre-order page. If you place your order soon, you can save 60% off a pair of Mobi earbuds.

Let’s dive into the features of these next-gen ANC earbuds.

Mobi Earbuds: Key Features

Mobi has a lot of groundbreaking advances apart from the hybrid ANC and AI tech. Take a peek below.

  • 6-mic hybrid ANC
  • AI-assisted audio 
  • 2x oversized drivers (12 mm)
  • 100-hour battery
  • Waterproof (IPX6)
  • Engineered comfort fit
  • Bluetooth 5.2
  • Quad-beamforming mic (with AI-boost)
  • Digital assistant access (Siri, Google, etc.)
  • Type-C fast charging and wireless charging
  • Touch controls

We don’t have time to dig into every feature of Mobi, so we’ll tell you more about our favorites below. To see the full picture, check out Mobi here

The Next Generation of ANC

Mobi’s ANC is a form of hybrid ANC.

Standard hybrid ANC is an advanced type of ANC, but it’s not new. Here’s how it works.

Hybrid ANC combines feedforward ANC and feedback ANC (the two most popular types of ANC) to deliver a more comprehensive noise-canceling experience. Hybrid earbuds feature a feedforward mic, which picks up sounds in your environment, and a feedback mic, which listens from within the earphone to correct any unwanted noise.

Until now, this was the best ANC you could get.

Mobi has introduced a new style of hybrid ANC that features 2 feedforward mics and a feedback mic for a total of 3 mics per earbud.

With 2 feedforward mics, Mobi is able to detect the distance and movement of sound. It can accurately pinpoint noises and cancel them, which allows the ANC to cancel sound from the full range of audio frequency in a 360˚ field around you.

And we haven’t even mentioned the AI yet. Mobi’s artificial intelligence listens to your music as you do via the feedback mic. It can recognize 6000+ sounds, so it knows exactly how your music should sound. Any unwanted noises or sounds that slipped past the feedforward ANC are canceled before they reach your ears.

Mobi’s ANC is so advanced that it can even detect noises made within the ear canal, like when the earbuds shift or when the air pressure changes.

So, it doesn’t just cancel some sound like other ANC earbuds do. It cancels EVERYTHING.

It’s got a lot of power too. Mobi have 30 dB of ANC power, which is much stronger than most premium brands. For example, Apple’s AirPods Pro only cancel 20 dB of sound.

This next-gen hybrid ANC is the next best thing to sitting in a sound-proofed studio wearing over-ear headphones.

AI Transparency Mode

One of the most innovative things about Mobi is just how comprehensive the AI tech is. It practically runs the headphones, assisting the ANC, the battery, calling, and more.

Our favorite feature is the AI-powered Transparency Mode. This is an advanced ANC pass-through mode that you can toggle on and off. When on, it will allow some sounds to pass through the ANC barrier to your ears. These sounds include alarms, sirens, voices speaking to you, and digital assistants like Google Home and Alexa.

Transparency Mode allows you to enjoy the world-canceling ANC of Mobi even when you’re out and about. You’ll remain aware of critical sounds from your environment, which will keep you safer. This is especially important to commuters, bikers, and runners.

It’s really cool that it can detect specific voices speaking to you (thanks to the double feedback mics). Now, you won’t have to press pause or take your earbuds out when you grab a coffee or chat with your neighbor. Your music and your life are finally seamless!

Massive Speakers

Mobi’s 12 mm speakers might not seem very big. 12 mm is only half an inch in diameter. But remember, we’re talking about inner-ear canal earbuds.

Most earbud speakers are only 4-8 mm in diameter. Mobi’s oversized drivers are what produce its huge, body-enveloping sound.

Any speaker freak will tell you that driver size is directly correlated to sound quality. Bigger drivers mean better sound. This is because bigger speakers can reverberate more air molecules to produce clearer, richer audio.

When you put on Mobi, you feel like you’re listening to studio headphones. The ANC makes your music feel even bigger. It’s like your music is playing all around you at 360˚.

And the bass? WOW. We could actually feel it thumping in our bellies. It’s hard to believe Mobi are earbuds when you’re wearing them.

It’s true that the earbuds look a little fatter due to the huge speakers inside, but we can guarantee you this: It’s WORTH IT.

100-hour Battery

We’ve never had a pair of earbuds last quite this long. At 10 hours of playback per charge, Mobi can go all day. And there’s another 90 hours in the carrying case for a total of 100 hours of playback.

You can take these things on a month-long backpacking trip and never need to charge them once.

How do headphones with so many mics and such strong ANC power last so long? We were scratching our heads, so we asked the engineers behind them.

Mobi’s AI constantly calibrates the ANC power to cancel each sound with an equal amount of neutralizing power. Unlike other ANC programs that but up a constant wall of neutralizing anti-noise, Mobi’s AI uses only the power it needs, which saves a ton of battery life.

When the earbuds finally run out of juice, you can get 6 more hours of playback with just a 15-minute charge in the carrying case. The case charges via Type-C fast charging and powers up to 100 hours in just 2 hours of plug-in time. You can also charge it wirelessly on a Qi charging pad.


With all this new tech, you might assume that Mobi are sensitive little earbuds.

Not at all.

These earbuds are reinforced and sealed to prevent damage from shock, falls, and debris.

They also have an IPX6 waterproof rating, which means they can handle any type of rain from light showers to hurricanes. You can even wear them in the shower.

Snug and Comfy

True wireless earbuds are compact and convenient, but they’re notoriously uncomfortable. Can anybody wear them for more than a couple of hours without getting a headache?

Mobi sought to fix this by inviting ergonomic engineers into the audio lab. They used models of hundreds of ear canals to build an earbud with a better fit. Mobi don’t jam into your ear like most other earbuds do. They use your ear canal’s natural curves to sit comfortably in the ear without adding excessive pressure.

They feel almost like you’re wearing nothing at all. Yet, they don’t budge even when you’re doing strenuous activity.

Get Mobi Earbuds for Under $100

Mobi’s next-gen technology delivers some of the best audio experiences in true wireless audio. The next-gen ANC, AI power, and battery life are all more advanced than tech from Apple, Bose, and Sony.

Yet, you can get them for a way cheaper price (if you pre-order!).

You can get Mobi for just $75 if you pre-order. At that price, we don’t care if you need a new pair of headphones or not. Pick up a pair of Mobi anyway. They’re an absolute STEAL.

Even better, they come with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 2-year warranty, so you don’t have any reason not to give them a try.

See Mobi in action and pre-order your earbuds now at mobiearbuds.com.

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