Microsoft Has Launched its Copilot for iOS and Android Mobiles

Microsoft has recently launched its Copilot app for Android mobile along with the launch of the iOS and iPad operating systems. The app, previously known as Bing Chat, now allows users to access their copilot with their smartphones. The company has taken the move during the holiday season of Christmas and is an active approach towards making the success of their Artificial Intelligence program. 

Microsoft Copilot

Bing Chat or Copilot features the GPT 4 version. On the other hand, ChatGPT showcases the GPT 3.5 version. Like the other AI models, you can type a question or a prompt in the Bing GPT to carry out various activities like drafting emails, composing stories, script writing, summarizing complex texts, creating personalized travel guidelines, and updating job resumes. As a result, you can have an enhanced experience directly with the help of your pocket device.

Launching of Copilot

Microsoft rebranded Bing Chat to Copilot back in November 2023. However, the official app was launched recently. Before it, users could easily access this feature from their Bing Browser. There are also certain possibilities that the tech giant company can replace the official Bing App with the Copilot app. However, no official details are confirmed by the owners of the company.

Features of Copilot

One brilliant feature of Bing Copilot is its image creator feature, which is powered by DALL E 3. It helps you to create social media content, develop brand images, generate logo designs, and create custom backgrounds to build up profiles and have a realistic film or video storyboard for more entertainment.

As per the app’s description, by combining the power of GPT4 with the advanced DALL E 3 technology, the Copilot app not only provides you with enhanced design workflows but also improves your creativity skills. In this way, you can have an enhanced experience.

Benefits of Copilot

It is already a significant advantage that you are accessing the GPT 4 version with Bing Chat, which is significantly paid on ChatGPT. The OpenAI showcases the GPT 3.5 version with outdated data which is no longer functional for the people who want to have their hands on the latest information. Moreover, the mobile launch has opened new doors for users to use Copilot, along with its benefits of being available on the web for the same time now. With this type, Microsoft is hopeful to expand its service and outreach even more than previously to grab as many audiences as possible. 

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