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LI-FI Has Enabled A New Era In Wireless Technology

There are a number of ways through which we are getting connected to network devices. One of the most important things that most people use for the purpose of connecting to the internet is wireless technology. There are a number of features present in the wireless technology that is helping people to stay connected to a range of services like that of getting updated regarding the mailbox, chatting with friends, and so on. It is also a fact that needs to be noted that there is no guarantee provided by any scientist in the world that wireless technology is good for our health.

There is a debate running starting from the day when we started this technology that using the wireless signal will cause problems to the human body. even the wireless signal can able to affect the audio devices that are connected to the computer and other such places, it is also to be understood that they can also penetrate inside our brain and our body system and can able to cause a number of problems to our health conditions when we are exposed to the dosage of radiation to a long period of time.

Li-Fi- Replacement for the Traditional Wireless Concept

It is a great sign of relief for a number of people who are having fear of wireless devices that are based on a radio frequency that there is a suitable kind of replacement found for wireless radio devices. Named as Li-Fi, which is making use of the existing visible light for the purpose of transfer of data, there are a number of possibilities available to make sure that we are able to transmit a bulk amount of data within a short period of time.

Since light waves do not affect our health condition at any point in time, there is no need to fear the effects of the means of data transfer through means of this technology. This technology is not yet fully developed, but it can act as a perfect replacement for wireless radio technology in the future days.

There is nothing unnatural in sending data through means of light since the light waves are also a kind of frequency which is in terms of terra bytes as opposed to the current day technology that has achieved only some megabytes in terms of the connectivity through means of wireless mode.

Scientists from various parts of the world are now working hard to bring this technology into a reality where they have demonstrated to the world the power of these devices to transmit bulk data within a short period of time and also to make sure that the transmitted data is reaching in a perfect manner. Only the prototype of the technology is shown to others, where it reached to many people all over the world and received applauds from various technology groups. This technology is going to be implemented soon in all devices including smartphones and also computers.

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