Threads Will Receive Millions of Users From Its Launch in EU

Threads will be one of the biggest competitors of X, formerly called Twitter, as it was launched recently in the European Union. The owners of this new text-based conversation app are highly hopeful of grabbing another set of millions of users in the upcoming days. Launched back in July 2023 by Meta, the Threads app has made records by acquiring millions of users in its very first week. Instagram, one of the most used social media platforms, is the parent company of this app, allowing users to share their ideas, opinions, and media files in a more creative and engaging manner.

Threads is Ready to Get Millions of New Users

As the Threads went to a flying start in the very first week of launch, more than half of users have stopped checking in to their accounts as proposed by Meta’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Since that period, the company has been working more productively and effectively to take control of the app’s elements and enhance its quality. Hence, the users will receive more exciting perks. This is the sure basis for why Threads is expected to get millions of new users. 

New Features of Threads

As per the announcements by Meta, the developers of the app have worried extensively about integrating several critical elements into the app. Now, users can enjoy the perks of a web experience. Additionally, they will be able to have their hands on the Following feed for more personalized entertainment. Besides, an edit capability and search with keywords features are added to the application. Along with them, tag topics and many other options will be available in the upcoming update. Meta has confirmed all these updates in the recent EU launch.

Overall Features Threads Offers

Threads came to the party in July 2023 as one of the daughter companies of Instagram. Users present on the social site can easily create their accounts on X’s competitor with the help of their profiles. Moreover, users who want to access its content without creating an account can access the profiles and see the posts and images shared on public profiles. However, they are unable to interact with the content, like commenting or reacting. 

Future Prospects

The launch of Threads in the European Union is a great achievement for Meta and its CEO, Mark Zuckerberg. With this step, the application is now made accessible to more than half a billion users. Thus, the owners have announced that they will receive millions of new signups from the EU in the coming days. It will be a significant achievement for Threads, resulting in more dominance above the X (Twitter), which is continuously facing a decline in its total user base after being acquired by Elon Musk in 2022.

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