Lenovo’s Transparent Laptop Concept is Real, But the Point Isn’t

Lenovo is a Chinese brand that enables its tech giant freak flag to fly. This year was long-rumored about the launch of Lenovo’s transparent laptop. Its functionality and existence are evidence that it works exceptionally well in any possible way. The transparent nature of the laptop has made the tech world into a new bloom of competition. The laptop has yet not been launched but was introduced in an exhibition at MWC Barcelona last week.

The device will present a new overview of operations through advanced Augmented Reality. Its introductory exhibition was full of futuristic enthusiasts and tech-savvy individuals and also sci-fi tropes were there. Further, its transparent screen will increase the future devices’ stock art that is clear enough to see through. This transparent display is related to television screens that we had experienced a long ago for fun. However, this technology is making more sense in the form of a laptop because it can be displayed in public places like hotel lobbies.

Imagine you are working on it and see a wall through the screen, occasionally a window in a real-world environment. However, the max brightness capacity of one thousand is admired, but this will handle the streaming sunlight through spaces. It also raises a question of how Lenovo’s transparent laptop will respond to the direct sunlight in the open air. Think of it: is it really practical in the real world for better outcomes or not?

The Transparent Laptop – A New Idea

This idea isn’t looking like it will ever be turned into a product right now. In and of itself, Lenovo’s penchant for creating bizarre technology is entirely acceptable. However, the business has also released several strange items. Consider the X1 Fold, which was released not long ago. More bizarre occurrences have transpired. 

Hence if it is launched, then what will be the major specification of this transparent laptop, Resources also revealed that this laptop is expected to be built with an exceptional operating system with a huge 17.3 inch Micro-LED display. The small transistors and hardware will be overlaid by a sheet that will not be visible to the human eye. 

If you are working on a remote device or a desktop, you will usually see a wall right behind this device or a person in a public place. Do you think Lenovo’s transparent laptop adds something extra to this view? Further, a large capacitive surface defines its bottom that functions as a keyboard and a large stylus drawing surface. This surface is incompatible with the real devices’ keyboards and drawing surfaces because of typing speed issues and more. It seems unlikely the concept will become a product. 

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